Windows 11 update solves big frustration for Google Chrome and Firefox users


Windows 11 was launched with a very complicated web browser switching process.

Microsoft Windows 11 has launched with a rather complicated new process for setting your default web browser.

Windows maker Microsoft makes it easier for its users to change their default web browser on Windows 11. The first Windows 11 was heavily criticized after its launch with a convoluted way to set your default web browser in Windows. This has not only annoyed users that they cannot set a web browser of their choice, but also forced more users to use Microsoft’s Edge web browser. Now, the company is making the process easier with Windows 11 build 22000.593, which has been made available to everyone as an optional update.

Windows 11 launched with a lot of criticism over its process of changing a default web browser. Instead of being able to set a general default browser for tasks such as web browsing or media playback, users had to manually set associations for each protocol. This meant that users had to change associations for HTTP or HTTPS protocols, as well as things like HTML files if they wanted to open them with their default browser. It seems quite a process to get started, let alone actually do it.

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With the latest update, users can access the default apps page on Windows 11 from Settings > Apps > Default apps. Then they have to select the browser of their choice like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Now users will see an option at the top of the Settings page that allows them to set it as their default browser. This will make the chosen browser your default browser and you won’t have to specifically change the associations in each file type.

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Microsoft has been testing this new feature in its Dev channel for a few months. There was speculation about when the feature will roll out to end users, but now it looks like you won’t have to wait too long for it. Users can already update their Windows 11 to make it easier to switch web browsers. Go to the Updates page in the Settings app and check if there is an update with build number KB5011563.

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