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Google Chrome is probably the browser that everyone uses. When it launched in 2008, it was hailed as a very small resource-saving program that was not even comprehensive, but has long since changed. After its long and winding march towards market dominance, the browser has received more functionality, grown in size, and is now known as an absolute data and resource collection engine.

But development never stops. Chrome developers continue to add new features to the browser, both aimed at improving functionality and improving speed, resource management and stability.

This hub serves as an overview of what Chrome developers are doing and what’s new in each release, with a focus on what regular users can expect – don’t expect a deep technical dive into development. We’ll update it regularly when we cover new Chrome releases and new features, so be sure to bookmark this page or come back regularly whenever you want to learn more about what’s new in Chrome.

  • Upcoming features still in development

    Since Chrome is based on an open source project, we come across documentation detailing some new features that have not yet been incorporated into any of the available versions. This is what this section presents.

  • Chrome 98 / Canari Developer

    Chrome 98 is at the cutting edge of technology right now, with Chromium developers actively working on features. You can think of this version as the playground of the moment, where new things can be introduced daily, but it is also the most volatile environment. Things can and do break occasionally. Yet, this is where all the fun is, and there are always new things to discover.

    • Privacy guide

      A new privacy guide has been added to Chrome for Android as an indicator, which means you can now test it on your own phone. The privacy guide will be available in the Settings menu of the application by going to the Privacy and security subsection. This will allow you to review the various settings of the app, telling you the purpose of each and what you are sending to Google in order to make this feature work. If something doesn’t suit you, you can turn it off right from the menu. The flag is available on versions below 98, but Chrome 98 is the first to add an interface and workflow for Privacy Guide.

      Google is working on a privacy guide feature for Chrome on Android

    • Built-in screenshot and editing functions for desktop Chrome

      Google Chrome for desktop may soon get a cool feature of its mobile pendant – screenshot edits. Chrome Canary version 98 has received a development option that will allow you to capture, edit, and share screenshots. Just like in the mobile version of Chrome, the tool will live in the next share button.

      Chrome for desktop can get built-in screenshot and edit functionality

  • Chrome 97 beta

    Chrome 97 was promoted to beta on November 18, 2021. The release brings some improvements and improvements, but nothing too shocking. You can expect simplifications when you want to delete local data saved by a website, improved support for international keyboard layouts (yes, that’s an issue so far), preparations for better support HDR load and some minor PWA advancements.

    Here are all the cool things we found in the build:

    All the news of Chrome 97 Beta

    • Zoom options per page

      Sometimes websites just don’t adapt well to mobile screens, and for those of us with below average vision, that means squinting and relying on accessibility services like Force zoom activation. On the desktop, there’s a sleeker solution that scales the entire website to make it look bigger, and judging by a recent Chrome Canary 97 update, this feature is catching on. the mobile version of the browser.

      Chrome for Android could get this previously only desktop feature

  • Chrome 96

    Chrome 96 launched on November 16, 2021. In the link below you can find a high-level look at all of the cool new changes we’ve found, while we also offer in-depth dives into some special features in the collection of items below.

    All the news in Chrome 96

    • Scroll through screenshots on Android 12

      Android 12 introduced scrolling screenshots to Pixel phones, but the feature initially didn’t work with Chrome. Since version 96 of the browser, this is a thing of the past. Google has flipped a switch allowing you to capture as much or as little of a website as you want.

      Chrome finally works with Android 12’s scrolling screenshot tool

    • Accessibility: More languages ​​for machine-generated image captions

      Google has added a few new languages ​​to its automatic image captioning service in Chrome. It now supports Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish, bringing the total to sixteen supported languages. This was made possible by the development of a machine learning model capable of simultaneously translating the image caption into each supported language.

      One of Chrome’s most useful accessibility features is now available to more users

  • Chrome 95

    Chrome 95 launched on October 20, 2021 and came with a whole host of updates. It brought Material You design elements to the Android browser and cool features for developers that help websites run better.

    Read our high-level preview for all the cool stuff that has come to you in this release.

    All the news in Chrome 95

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