What the end of Internet Explorer 11 means for you


Microsoft recently announced that it will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), and rightly so. Only a few people still use this browser for their regular web search needs.

With competitive and more advanced browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox hitting the market, Microsoft has decided to put its own Edge browser in the spotlight. And while Edge works on Windows 7 and above and works great, what should you do if you rely on IE11?

How does the retirement of Internet Explorer 11 impact users?

On June 15, 2022, Internet Explorer 11 lost support from Microsoft. All IE11 browsers have been updated to Edge. Users will still see the classic IE logo, but then it will be redirected to Microsoft Edge when opened.

People, especially older people, can feel a little overwhelmed trying to move their information from one browser to another. A simple solution for move bookmarks from internet explorer 11 to edge can solve the stress of information transfer.

If you don’t update your IE11 browser to Microsoft Edge, you may find it difficult to use it in the future. If you keep Windows up to date, a future system update will automatically disable IE11, which means you’ll be forced to use a different browser.

People who don’t update Windows or have a computer with a version of Windows earlier than Windows 7 can still search the web with IE11. And while Microsoft has ensured seamless data transfer from IE11 to Edge, some users may want to stick with IE11 to access older apps. Web developers still have access to their legacy apps and websites.

According MicrosoftIE11 expiration has no impact on Windows 10 LTSC, Server IE11 applications and MSHTML engine.

What alternatives do you have left?

Retirement could be a blow for IE11 users, but luckily the internet world has its replacement options. Depending on your device, you may find a reasonable alternative that offers the same or even better results.

Microsoft Edge is a recommended alternative and has some great features over IE11, such as sleep tabs. Other options you can try are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Apple Safari is also a great option if you have an iOS/macOS device.

Additionally, Microsoft Edge comes with an Internet Explorer 11 compatibility mode, which means developers and users can enjoy the IE experience without using the browser. Just launch Internet Explorer mode from Microsoft Edge settings and add the IE mode pages you want to open.

To download: Microsoft Edge | Google Chrome | MozillaFirefox | Apple Safari

Farewell, Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer was retired on June 15, 2022, leading many people to wonder how to perform web browsing. Internet Explorer 11 is automatically replaced by Microsoft Edge, but users have the choice of using other browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer is still manually accessible, but Microsoft Edge is a faster and more secure replacement for its predecessor.


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