Warning as Internet Explorer will be retired next month as part of a major change


Internet Explorer is due to be phased out next month as part of a major change from Microsoft.

The web browser will be phased out by the tech giant from June 15 after more than 25 years of service.

Those who use Internet Explorer to surf the web are urged to switch to another browser as Microsoft plans to discontinue it on modern devices.

Older devices will not be affected by the change, including computers not yet running Windows 10 20H2 or a later operating system.

Microsoft advises people to use Edge, their own browser that offers a built-in Internet Explorer mode.

The tech giant said, “Not only is Microsoft Edge a faster, more secure, and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, it’s also able to address a key concern: compatibility with websites and older and legacy applications”.

Internet Explorer users have been urged not to skip updates to keep the browser alive, as Microsoft says, “Windows Updates contain critical security fixes to the operating system.”

If you are using Internet Explorer on an up-to-date Microsoft computer, you may want to research possible alternatives before it becomes unavailable and you are logged out of your online accounts.

The most obvious option would be to configure Internet Explorer mode on Microsoft Edge, so you can get that familiar interface with improved performance.

To do this, activate the “Internet Explorer compatibility” section and click on “Allow reloading of sites in Internet Explorer mode”.

You can also customize the browser the way you like it by clicking “Import browser data” in the settings, which lets you pull all your configurations from Internet Explorer.

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Other options include Chrome by Google, a popular browser that can be used on Microsoft Windows, known to be secure, fast and customizable according to Google.

Another is Mozilla Firefox, a free open-source web browser that emphasizes secure use of the web.

They say they are: “Just a super-fast browser that doesn’t give you away.”

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