Use the Tor Browser: Download, Stay Anonymous


If you want to browse the internet safely and privately, one of the best options is to use the Tor Browser, which is designed to leave your IP address incognito. In this Tor Browser guide, you’ll learn how to search the Internet anonymously and privately.

What is Tor Browser?

Tor Browser or The Onion Router is a web browser specially designed for search the internet privately and anonymously. Navigation and data exchange on a network is carried out via encrypted connections between computers. For mail and electronic messages, an encrypted channel is used to avoid possible interception by third parties. This way, using the Tor browser, your IP address and personal information are fully protected.

How to install Tor Browser?

You can install Tor Browser on Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • Download the Tor Browser Pack.
  • Double click on the tor-browser.exe to extract it and select the destination folder to extract the files.
  • No installation is required, double click on the Start Tor Browser.exe to launch the Tor Browser.
  • Wait for connection to the Tor network.
  • Once connected to the network, the Tor Browser will open and you can start the search process.
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How to set your security level?

By default, the Tor Browser is configured for a Standard security levelbut you can personalize it. Do this, open browser and go to Preferences. To choose Privacy and Security and scroll down to Security.

Here you can change the security settings for Safer Where Safest. the safer mode disables website features that are often unsafe and may result in loss of functionality, whether the Safest only allows website functionality required to static sites and basic services, which affect images, media, and scripts. You can also adjust the check for dangerous content in this menu.

Moreover, in Privacy and Security settings, you can decide if you want keep cookies or delete them, save usernames and passwords, customize search history Where change location, camera, and microphone permissions.

How to make Tor a default browser?

  • To make Tor a default browsergo to Preferences > General and click on Default.
  • Your computer will then ask you to choose between your current default browser and Tor.
  • Click on Use Tor Browser.

How to choose the default search engine?

The Tor Browser automatically uses DuckDuckGoOnion search engine, because it is private and untraceable. This does not store your personal information and search history. Also there are non-intrusive ad targeting. However, if you still want to change it to a Google or Yahoo! You can do that by following these instructions. Go to Preferences > Search. Use the scrolling menu located under Default search engine and select one.

browser's default search engine
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How to change the language?

To change language settings, run Tor Browser > Preferences. Go to General and scroll down to Language and Appearance tongue. Use the scrolling menu located under Language to make your language choice and change Fonts and colors if necessary.

How to use bridges?

Bridges help users access Tor in countries where the browser is blocked. To enable bridgesgo to Preferences > Tor and tick Use a bridge tongue. Here you can select one of integrated bridgesuse the one you already know or request a new one from Tor.

After that your the settings will be saved automatically. If your Tor browser still doesn’t work, try the other option to set up bridges. If nothing helps, write to Tor Bridges Support [email protected].

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