Update Google Chrome at risk

The US government has requested that the Google Chrome browser be updated immediately.

India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), part of India’s Ministry of Information Technology, has again issued a warning to users of the Google Chrome browser. This warning is for users of versions prior to 98.0.4758.80.

The Google Chrome browser has found many factors for a cyberattack targeting the computer. It has been reported that when we use storage, screen recording, login, PDF, auto billing, file manager, some bugs allow hackers to access them.

Indian government issues warning
There have been many comments about the Google Chrome browser user interface. In it, they warned that access to user data could have disastrous consequences.
The Indian government has repeatedly issued warnings and advice to update Google Chrome browsers.
In the days before the advent of computers and the Internet, we were in contact with real people.

Our personal information was in our hands. There have never been so many mistakes. Now we spin at the mercy of little electrons, numbers. There are many dangerous cyber attacks.

Pirates are loud
Install the desired page to attract users, drag them into it, thereby installing hacking data and stealing user privacy information. So, if you find the site to be spam in any context, get out of it immediately.

Internet users should be careful when filling out banking and online forms. Always run these functions in a private browser or an incognito browser. Avoid texting a mobile number that offers. Do not click on links from unknown numbers for any reason.

Latest Google Chrome Update
So Google Chrome users should download and install the latest version. “Chrome 98.0.4758.80/81/82 for Windows, 98.0.4758.80 for Mac and Linux has just been released, and Google has confirmed that several fixes and improvements have been made to make this update available to users.


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