Twitter improves access for Russian citizens with the launch of the Tor browser


Following Russia’s growing restrictions on Twitter in the country, the company has introduced a Tor service to help circumvent the ban.

The service is available here, for users who have downloaded the free Tor Browser, here. While Twitter was already available through Tor, this new move improves protection and is designed specifically for Twitter.

The service is based on a customized version of the Enterprise Onion Toolkit (EOTK). It was announced by cybersecurity expert Alec Muffett, who in 2014 led the team that launched the @Facebook Onion service, and says the announcement is perhaps his most important and long-awaited tweet of all. the temperature.

Twitter itself has added Tor to its listing officially supported browsers, but itself has not made any official announcements.

“Based on past experience with Facebook and BBC Onion sites, any big enough ad leads to a spike in load, and given that @TwitterSafety has 3.6m followers, that wouldn’t be wise in times of crisis. world,” he said.

Tor – The Onion Router – encrypts internet traffic and routes it through a series of thousands of servers around the world, run mostly by volunteers. In addition to anonymity, it provides additional privacy, protection from surveillance, and increased integrity and inviolability.

Creating a specific onion site has advantages over just browsing Tor because it protects against certain security risks.

“If you’re using Tor Browser and click/type exactly the right Onion address, you’re guaranteed to be connected to what you expect – or not at all,” says Muffett.

He adds, “Running an onion site is a commitment by the platform to treat people who use Tor fairly; in the normal way of using Tor, users are mixed in with everyone else coming from Unscrubbed internet, and (let’s be honest) some bad guys sometimes use Tor to scrape sites and other nasty behavior.”

The launch follows growing moves by the Kremlin to restrict internet access in Russia, with Facebook blocked and Twitter severely restricted last Friday. He also blocked access to news services, including the BBC, Voice of America and Deutsche Welle.

However, the service will also be available worldwide, including other countries that block Twitter, such as China, Iran, and North Korea.


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