Tor browser arrives on Android


The Tor browser is now available on Android in Alpha version.

“Over the past year, we have been working to reach the growing number of mobile users around the world,” the Tor Project said in a Tweeter, so that the app brings the privacy protections of the desktop version to Android devices.

You can download the free app from google play or via the group website. To protect your privacy, the browser channels your Internet traffic through a large network to servers run by volunteers around the world. This can anonymize your internet presence by scrambling your location and IP address details.

That’s why journalists, activists, and cybercriminals all use Tor. Technology can prevent governments from tracking people’s online activity, allow those in restricted areas to bypass censorship, and make it difficult for law enforcement to find those engaging in more activity. harmful. Advertisers will also have difficulty discerning the characteristics of a computer, hampering efforts to track activity for advertising purposes.

Access to Tor on Android was previously available through another app called Orfox, developed by a group of activists called the Guardian Project. However, the Tor Project has stated that Orfox will be phased out early next year when the Android version of the Tor browser is expected to become a stable version.

To use Tor Browser for Android, you will need to download an additional free application called Orbot, which allows you to connect to the Tor network. (Over time, the developers plan to remove the need to download Orbot.)

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PCMag briefly tried the Android version, and it offers an experience quite similar to Desktop Tor. Expect somewhat sluggish connection speeds, as your internet traffic now travels from server to server on the Tor network. Some websites, such as Yelp, that block Tor connections may also deny you access. Or they can give you a CAPTCHA test to prove you’re human.

But on the other hand, you get more privacy than the other products. You can also visit shady sites on the Dark Web. Additionally, the browser has been designed to prevent third party ad trackers from following you from website to website.

If you are an iPhone user, you can view the Onion browser, an iOS application based on Tor technology.

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