Top Google Chrome Extensions You Should Install for Better Browsing Experience


Google Chrome is a web browser used by millions of people around the world. It allows users to mark their favorite websites as bookmarks, create a personalized home screen layout with shortcuts linked to web addresses, and sync user data with their email id to keep them informed. Additionally, users can also download and install extensions, which are programs that add certain functionality to Chrome.

It can be verifying user-entered text or translating content from one language to another – the best Chrome extensions can handle it all. However, there are some things a user should keep in mind before downloading third-party Chrome extensions. Checking the web program developer and reviews can help users avoid any online fraud or scam. Also, users should not download Chrome extensions from websites that look suspicious or download them from a link or unanimous message.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

  • Google Translate: With over 10 million users, Google Translate is one of the most useful Chrome extensions. It helps users view translations while browsing the web. The extensions can be viewed and downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and once installed, users will be able to highlight and right-click selected text to translate it into an appropriate language.
  • google dictionary: Yet another extension from Google, the Google Dictionary allows browsers to view the meaning of any word on the Internet. The extension is available on the Chrome Web Store. After installation, users will be able to double-click on a word to see its definition. Extensions also create a history of words that have been searched for by a user.
  • Grammar for Chrome: One of the most popular and top-rated extensions on the Chrome Web Store, Grammarly for Chrome is used by over 10 million users. Grammarly is a popular grammar checker app and its extension can be downloaded for free (with limited functionality). Once installed, the extensions run a grammar check on tet=xt written by users and suggest the correct spelling of the word. It is a very useful extension for those who have to manage Google Docs or other content generation applications on a daily basis.
  • Loom: Downloaded by over five million users, Loom allows people to record their screen, as well as their camera input and microphone. In other words, users can record their screen with narration and the extension overlays the camera feed in a small space on the screen recording. Once saved, the session can be shared with a link. It also allows users to leave timestamps and emoji reactions.
  • dark reader: Although the name of this extension is a bit different, it allows users to enable dark mode for each website. The extension is available on the Chrome Web Store and once downloaded it can be used to create dark themes for websites, even if the website does not have its own dark mode. The extension could be useful for people who like to read from many websites.
  • Bitwarden: it is a free password manager for all devices. The extension was developed by 8bit Solutions LLC and allows users to store all their passwords in one place, accessible from smartphones and desktop computers.

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