Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions Designed for Students in 2022


Google Chrome extensions are the best way to make sure you get the most out of your browsing experience. Especially if you are a student, you would want to get the most out of Chrome in terms of productivity and studying. Today we are listing 5 best Google Chrome extensions designed for students who want to make 2022 a super productive year.

Google Chrome Extensions for Students (Top 5) in 2022

The best Google Chrome extensions for students in 2022 are – a) My memorization tool, b) Flashcards, c) Kami, d) Clockify and e) Imagus.

Let’s go through each tool one by one to see what it does and how it can benefit a student in 2022.

My memorization tool

If you are a student researching an important topic or something, you would want to remember anything that could add to your knowledge that you see on the internet. The tool “My memorization tool” will help you memorize any valuable information for you. All you have to do is select the line or phrase that is important, right-click, and select the Memorizer tool. You can review all the phrases you have recorded at any time.

The extension also sends you quiz alerts during the day so you can memorize things faster.


If you come across a new phrase or word in the Google Dictionary or Google Translator, the ‘Flashcards’ plugin will help you remember them. Saved maps will appear randomly in the browser to jog your memory of their definition and meaning. It is a very good tool if you are preparing for a CAT exam.


With ‘Kami’ is a comprehensive markup tool through which any document can be edited and enhanced by an individual student or an online study group. This extension is known to work great with Google Classroom and Google Drive. You can even edit scanned PDFs with Kami.


If time management is an issue, the “Clockify” extension would be a great asset for a student in 2022. The extension would allow the student to record the time he spends on various school activities. It also allows to analyze the time spent doing certain activities that are very important for the students.


Last on the list is Imagos which is also an impressive tool for students. It allows users to view the images and videos on their browser just by hovering the mouse over them. Students don’t need to waste time opening each image separately.

These are the best Google Chrome extensions available for students right now. If you know of any other extensions that can help students, please let us know.


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