Samsung switches to Nobble Google Chrome, despite it being an Android brand


Samsung which has well and truly gone to bed with Microsoft, although all of its smartphones are on a Google Android platform, is now asking journalists to download the Microsoft Edge browser to view information on their brand new Google Android OS smartphones at the expense of the popular Chrome Browser.

It also seems that Samsung’s management didn’t realize that the Windows operating system for laptops and PCs already comes with Microsoft Edge built-in.

Despite this, the links provided for embargoed NDA content reveal their new Galaxy 2022 forcing visitors to use questionable Microsoft Edge software including resetting Windows OS settings.

Their PR firm Edelman says “Microsoft Edge was considered by Samsung to be more secure,” they claim.

After downloading the Microsoft Edge browser, you still cannot access the NDA site where the Samsung information is located, because Samsung, in its desperation to support a dodgy browser at the expense of Chrome, has not provided a site address Web I suspect. I don’t want people installing in a chrome browser because that might work.

In Australia, demand for the Microsoft Edge browser represents only 6.18% of the market compared to 52.8% for Google Chrome and 31.7% for Apple’s Safari. Ironically, Samsung Internet has half the market share of Microsoft Edge, with the South Korean company cracking 3.16% of users. .

A Samsung spokesperson said it would investigate the issue.

Maybe Samsung’s next big thing could be a Windows OS smartphone…God help us!

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