Mozilla Firefox Translations introduced for offline translations


Mozilla has introduced a new add-on (its version of extensions) called Firefox Translations. As the name suggests, this is for translations, but the good part is that it’s done offline. The translation tool works locally and does not rely on the cloud. Here are the details.

Firefox translations are now available

Firefox Translations is part of the EU’s Bergamot Project, which involves the University of Edinburgh, Charles University, University of Sheffield and University of Tartu. This plugin is based on neural machine translation tools, which use the computer to translate the required input instead of sending the data to outside data centers.

It is suggested that the tool initially downloads a few resources when translating a given language, but mostly runs the whole process without sending it to the cloud.

  • introduction of mozilla firefox translations
  • introduction of mozilla firefox translations

This makes the whole process private and secure and does not allow third-party data centers to access the content to be translated, which can sometimes be important and private.

Mozilla, in a blog postsaid, “Our solution to this was to develop a high-level API around the machine translation engine, port it to WebAssembly, and optimize the matrix multiplication operations to run efficiently on CPUs. This allowed us not only to develop the translation add-on, but also to allow each web page to integrate local machine translation, like in this website, which allows the user to perform free-form translations without using the cloud.

Firefox translations currently only supports 12 languages, namely Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, German, Icelandic, Italian, Bokmål Norwegian and Nynorsk, Persian, Portuguese and Russian. This can be a downside and compared to Google Translate it’s way less.

But, more languages ​​will be supported soon. For this, Mozilla has also introduced a “Comprehensive training pipeline to allow enthusiasts to easily train new models, helping to expand the reach of add-ons.

Firefox Translations is now available on the Firefox Add-ons Store and can be easily installed. The company also intends to collect user feedback and therefore invites people to complete a survey available in the add-on. So, what do you think of this new translation tool that works offline? Let us know in the comments below.


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