Mozilla Firefox tests Microsoft Bing as default search engine


Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, is testing the default search engine configuration on Microsoft Bing for 1% of its users. Mozilla said that on September 6, 2021, 1% of the Desktop user base will experience Bing as the default search engine. The study will last until early 2022 and will likely end at the end of January.

This news comes from where they stated that “Mozilla is currently running an experiment on 1% of the Firefox desktop population, which sets the default search engine to Bing in the web browser.”

In 2020, Google renewed its search agreement with Mozilla for an additional three years to be the default search provider. Why would Mozilla test Firefox by default for 1% of its users then? Well, it makes sense for Mozilla to test things out, as part of its deal with Google. Who knows what the future will bring to the organization.

The Mozilla team posted this message:

As part of optimizing the Firefox experience, Firefox regularly conducts studies. Firefox is currently conducting a study that may cause some users to notice that their default search engine has changed. To return to your preferred search engine, please follow the steps in Changing your default search settings in Firefox.

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