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MozillaFirefox is a free open source web browser developed and launched by Mozilla Corporation in 2003. It started with just a few features but grew to match many of its rivals. A die most prized abilities are his speed in loading website pages using less system resources than some competitors.

Of course, this also comes with its drawbacks. Yet there is lots of new features which have appeared recently. Some of them include new security measures, VPN Servicesand a pocket version for page saving to read later. Learn more about what it has to offer in the Mozilla Firefox review below.

First steps with Mozilla Firefox

When you start your experience with Mozilla Firefox, the browser welcomes you by offering you an initial configuration. You can ignore any of them and deal with them later, but I recommend establish them from the start. Once done, you will be able to enjoy all the features offered.

Configuring your default browser

The first question Mozilla Firefox will ask you after installation is whether you want set it as default browser. Don’t be intimidated into saying yes, because you can still enjoy all your surfing on any other browser you like without limiting the functionality of Firefox.

If you answer yes, it simply tells your computer to always use it to open web pages by default. Mozilla Firefox is quite persistent with this request, as you will receive an email about the change after creating an account. I will deal with that a little later.

Importing bookmarks and settings in Mozilla Firefox

The next step is import your bookmarks and settings. I get tired when I do this action because I always worry how it will affect my original bookmarks and options on Avast Secure Browser. However, it worked quite well when I did it from Microsoft Edge to Avast, and you only need to provide the email address you linked on your old browser.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Choose your theme

Finally, you will have to choose one of the themes that Mozilla Firefox lists. I generally like to work in normal or dark mode, depending on what I’m working on. There is a fourth option with stunning colors. When you click on a theme, you get an in-browser preview of what it will look like.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Default tab page

Now that Mozilla Firefox is configured for use, you will enter the Default new tab page. You will see icons under the search panel with links to social media platforms. While the section below is empty at first, the the browser will pay attention to the content you visit the most. In a few days you will see recommendations for other sites.

What features of Mozilla Firefox stand out?

As you can see, Mozilla Firefox is easy to configure. In many ways, the platform looks and behaves like Google Chrome, but there are some differences. Let’s take a look at some of the most outstanding features.

Central search and address bar

As has become common practice with most browsers these days, the the address bar also serves as a search field. You can either place a URL or type in what you are looking for. Either way, it will take you to the site or show you the best results for your search intent. If you have already entered something similar, this will populate the field for you.

Bookmark pages

Another feature you will find in Google Chrome, Avast Secure Browserand Mozilla Firefox is the little star that bookmark pages for you. When you click on it, you will be asked to provide a folder name and location. It does it easier to organize your bookmarks later when you have hundreds.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Back up and sync your account

If you want open your bookmarks and saved pages on a different deviceyou should create a Mozilla Firefox account. It will send you a code to verify your email, then it will sync your information. Now you can log in on another computer, tablet or phone, and review all your data and sites. The process is painless and completed in a minute or two.

You can expect Firefox to bombard you with a some emails once you have finished. It will ask you if you want to import your bookmarks or change the default browser. It’s nothing if not persistent in making sure that you only use this browser to search the web.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Toolbar Customizations

One of the features of Mozilla Firefox that I found fascinating is the Overflow menu. When you click on the Menu button, More toolsand then Customize toolbarthere are many shortcuts to add. For example, you can insert email links, your history, save pages, go full screen, or switch to developer mode. I don’t recall seeing options like this on any other browsers.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Add-ons are like extensions

You can recall a specific function called Extensions that Google Chrome introduced. Mozilla Firefox has add-ons, but it offers so much more. Even where you can browse the library looks more impressive.

Mozilla Firefox add-on four areas:

  • Recommendations: These are themes and extensions that Mozilla Firefox recommends you try.
  • Extensions: These add-ons add more functions and integrate with apps for a better experience. You can add a translator or a YouTube audio player, as examples.
  • Themes: Besides the basic browser themes, you can find additional colors and banners from other creators that Mozilla has approved.
  • plugins: This is different from other add-ons by modifying specific elements of how Firefox works. For example, you can install audio codecs for different formats.
Mozilla Firefox Review

Is Mozilla Firefox safe to use?

I decided to dedicate an entire section of my Mozilla Firefox review to security aspects. With so much malware on the rise, it’s critical for browsers to protect your information. Here is what Firefox has implemented.

Check for Account Violations on Mozilla Firefox

One of the free offers that comes with Mozilla Firefox is search for any data breaches related to your email account, regardless of who you signed up with. He will give you a report indicating if necessary passwords leaked or of any other hazard you should know. If you want to be a researcher for this program, Mozilla will reward you with a gift card.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Email Monitoring

Part of the Mozilla Firefox Monitor offering that you can sign up for includes receive alerts for any violation. It can monitor multiple emails at the same time, even when you access it on the browser. You do not necessarily need to use the Firefox browser to access this feature.

Hide your email address with Mozilla Relay

Another security feature that you can connect to Mozilla Firefox browser is Mozilla Relay. It allows you create multiple aliases so that the recipients don’t see your real email address. This way you can prevent phishing and other nefarious activities related to stealing account information. So when you’re on the browser and want to enter an email address for a newsletter, you can use an alias instead.

Go undercover

A little like Incognito modeMozilla Firefox offers a private window which does not store cookies or information on the site. It’s good when you want to bank or shop online without anyone spying on you. Of course, you won’t have access to saving passwords, which is also a good thing.

Mozilla Firefox Review


If you want hide your IP address completely or access content in other countriesyou should register for Mozilla-VPN. You can use VPN service on Mozilla Firefox browser and you will receive complete spy eye anonymity. The only problem is that it is not available in all countries at the moment.

Mozilla Firefox Review

On the lookout for stalkers

In the upper left corner of the search bar, there is a small shield icon. This is a notification panel for if Firefox locates all trackers on a site you visit. When everything is clear, it will remain empty and tell you that there is no danger. You will receive a warning if cookie tracking is used.

Does Mozilla Firefox share data?

While Mozilla Firefox makes every effort to ensure the security of your data, this does not mean that your information is not shared. There is a clear policy on how it uses this data. For the most part, it’s for technical reasons, crash reports, and recommending new content. However, there are a few marketing campaigns he participates where the information is valuable to them.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Mozilla Firefox: providing a fast browsing experience

Mozilla Firefox is an exceptional browser that provides a fast experience through the use of low system resources. It pays special attention to the user’s security needs, even if some features are not available worldwide. Some of the qualities are similar to other browsers, but the add-on platform and customizable toolbar stand out from the rest.

Even though it offers so many security tools, you still run the risk of someone hacking your information and passwords if you’re not careful. Safety starts with you. Read our guide to how to stay safe online always.


  • Is to be implemented
  • Sync across all devices
  • Import bookmarks and settings
  • Multiple security features
  • Superb complementary platform
  • Ability to customize the toolbar
  • Recommended content

The inconvenients

  • Limited VPN Access
  • Sharing data for marketing and technical purposes

Developer: Mozilla Corporation

Editor: Mozilla Corporation

Main features: Search bar, security services, synchronized account, bookmarks, add-ons

Platform reviewed:Windows 11


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