Microsoft Teams will finally play well with Mozilla Firefox


Using Microsoft Teams on Mozilla Firefox could soon be a much more enjoyable experience after a number of key features are finally coming to the browser.

The company said it was working to bring what it called “enhanced meeting support” for Teams users looking to work with the Firefox browser.

This includes full audio and screen sharing support for all Microsoft Teams meetings conducted in Firefox, which so far has struggled to allow users to fully utilize the video conferencing tool.

Microsoft Teams and Firefox

In the Microsoft 365 roadmap entry, the update is reportedly still in development, but the company says it should be rolled out by the end of April, which means users shouldn’t wait too long.

Firefox was one of many browsers unable to fully support Microsoft Teams callingalongside Safari and Internet Explorer.

Anyone attempting to join a Teams meeting using Firefox would be directed to download the software’s desktop client, a somewhat longer process that could delay you for a call.

Although some users of these browsers were able to join a Microsoft Teams call, they would have faced a potential lack of video or audio, as well as a lack of desktop, window, and application sharing.

When available, Microsoft says the upgraded experience will be available to all Teams users in the Firefox browser globally. The latest data suggests Teams has racked up more than 270 million monthly active users (MAUs), up from less than 50 million daily active users before the pandemic began.

Microsoft Teams has enjoyed a steady schedule of updates and upgrades over the past few months as the company looks to ensure its platform stays in top shape.

The news follows a similar recent update from the company revealing that Microsoft Teams apps will soon be available on and the Office app for Windows as the company looks to further expand the reach of its video conferencing service. This should help improve the user experience for Teams customers around the world, meaning there’s no longer a need to switch between platforms to use specific apps.


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