Microsoft is stepping up the competition against Google Chrome with a FREE feature we all want – but there’s a catch


MICROSOFT is adding a feature to its web browser in an effort to switch more privacy-conscious users to its platform.

Microsoft Edge has lagged behind Google Chrome and Safari – it only supports 0.1% of global internet traffic.


Bill Gates left Microsoft’s board of directors in 2020

A future iteration of Edge will have an integrated virtual private network or VPN.

A VPN hides a user’s location and browsing history or habits.

Using a VPN is also a method to bypass state or country internet restrictions.

Internet gamers and other seedy gamers can use VPNs for legal purposes.ish ends, but VPNs have also played a crucial role in humanitarian political uprisings like the Arab Spring.

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Microsoft’s VPN may not be the glamorous feature that will attract users from competing networks.

The internal VPN, called Secure Network, will only cover one gigabyte of data per month at no cost.

Streaming HD video for an hour will use two gigabytes, according to a PenTeleData usage calculator.

Microsoft has yet to begin rolling out the secure network – but the support page detailing its future use cases has been spotted by reporters at The Verge.

Microsoft fans will be able to get an overview of the service and even provide feedback to the company by joining Edge Insider.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975 and served as CEO until 2000, retiring completely from the management level of the company in 2020.

Gates addressed the notion of VPN and security in a 2002 email to all employees.

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“Security models should be easy for developers to understand and incorporate into their applications,” he wrote.

20 years later, Microsoft users are still waiting for the internal VPN and its disappointing data provisioning.

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