Microsoft fixed bug preventing Internet Explorer users from updating to Windows 11


A few days ago, Microsoft released information about a new known issue preventing Windows 10 users from upgrading their systems to Windows 11. Microsoft placed an upgrade hold for those still using Internet Explorer and are preparing to adopt Windows 11 without importing data to Microsoft Edge first. According to Microsoft, a bug prevented IE users from accessing their browsing data in the Edge browser after installing Windows 11. Several days after the initial announcement, Microsoft fixed the problem.

Microsoft says the problem is now a thing of the past. The company’s findings revealed that updating Microsoft Edge to version 99.0 restores lost data from Internet Explorer on systems already upgraded to Windows 11. Additionally, installing Edge 99.0 or a newer version will lift the upgrade lock for Windows 10 users.

To check your version of Microsoft Edge, open the browser and enter bord://settings/help. You can find out more about what’s new in Edge 99 and Edge 100 in our dedicated articles.

With the bug now fixed and IE users able to update to Windows 11 again, the operating system no longer has known problems. You can check the “health” of the system in the official documentation where Microsoft posts status updates, information about various issues, and possible workarounds.

In case you missed it, Microsoft is set to host a Windows 11 event where Panos Panay and Satya Nadella plan to discuss the future of hybrid work and reveal the latest features of Windows 11, Microsoft Edge, Teams and other products. You can learn how to watch the event live here.


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