Major changes to Google Chrome will make browsing faster and safer – update now


GOOGLE has introduced new features in its password manager that will make browsing safer and easier.

Google updates are applicable across all platforms, with some features specifically designed for iPhone and Android.


Chrome is the default browser for over three billion people worldwideCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Google announces improved password verification technology


Google announces improved password verification technologyCredit: Google
Google Chrome can now suggest a password on iOS


Google Chrome can now suggest a password on iOSCredit: Google

Google’s changes to the browser give the user more autonomy over their password manager.

Users can manually add passwords to their inventory – previously, Google only remembered passwords when the user logged into a given site.

Google also says it has updated its password verification technology, which rates the strength of your passwords against hacks and guesses.

Password Checkup will notify users if their password is weak or reused, or completely compromised – on Android, users can ask Google to automatically reset the reported password.

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Password manager, content and interface will now match Android and Chrome desktop browsers.

“With this release, we’re rolling out a simplified, unified management experience that’s the same across Chrome and Android settings,” Google Chrome product manager Ali Sarraf wrote in a Keyword blog post.

The password manager is also accessible with a nifty new shortcut on the home screen for Android.

Google Chrome can also run the Touch-to-Fill feature on Android, which fills in a username and password from the password manager with one click.

Google is also bringing updates to Chrome users with iPhones.

A password generator feature is added to the Chrome for iOS package for users who enable Chrome as an autofill provider.

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Ultimately, Password Manager updates are a step on the road to an Internet powered by security keys.

Passkeys will one day eliminate the need to remember passwords by authenticating logins with a second device.


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