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So much Google chrome The most widely used Internet browser in the world, it still contains functions that few people know about.

These features let you join tabs into groups, making it easy to organize pages, cast, take screenshots through Chromecast, and even a native antivirus. So, check out the private browsing features of Google Chrome that you can start using on your computer right now!

Organize your guide into groups

Are you one of those people who open a lot of tabs in Chrome in your daily life? So, Chrome’s tab group feature can help you organize them better and find them more easily. to verify!

  1. Right-click on a tab;
  2. Select “Add a tab to the new group”;
  3. Give the group a name and choose its color;
  4. Add tabs to new groups or create new ones.

Cast non-Chromecast pages

Chromecast is a great option for those who don’t have a smart TV at home but still want to watch TV shows and movies. It is possible to transmit pages from a computer to a TV via a feature of Chrome.

  1. Right click on any area of ​​the website and select “Broadcast”.
  2. Find Chromecast in the open menu.
  3. The content will then be broadcast on television.

holds the fabric

Chrome offers the same function as the function of taking a print in the computer. However, in addition to printing, it is possible to crop the images, annotate the image, underline the text and mark with different colors in the Chrome function.

  1. On your phone, open a page and tap the “three dots” in the top corner and select “Share.”
  2. Then select “Screenshot”.
  3. Press “Crop,” “Text” or “Draw” to make changes.
  4. Once done, hit “Next”.
  5. Choose where you want to save the image.

own antivirus

The Google company takes care of the safety of its users. Therefore, the browser has a native antivirus called Chrome Cleanup which is able to scan and clean your device. But it is only available for Windows.

  1. Chrome on PC, go to “Settings”, expand the “Advanced” option in the left menu.
  2. Click on “Reset and clean” then on “Clean computer”.
  3. Select “Search” and wait for the browser to find and remove all malware.

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