Launch of Tor 8.0 browser powered by Firefox 60 ESR


The Tor project team released Tor 8.0 browser today. The update comes with an upgraded language page, a new onboarding experience for new users, additional language support, and an improved bridge recovery technique.

Tor Browser, based on Mozilla’s Extended Support version of the Firefox web browser, helps users to anonymize their Internet connection. The browser is known to bundle data into encrypted packets before transmitting them across the network, thus keeping the user’s identity at bay. This new version powered by Firefox 60 ESR (Extended Support Release) is a higher level than the previous Firefox 52 ESR.

3 major updates in Tor Browser 8.0

# 1 A new integration experience

It is now very easy for new users to understand what Tor Browser is and how to use it. The Welcome Tour provides users with all the information they need to get started with Tor Browser. The ‘On’ The browser section guides viewers through aspects that make Tor different from other commonly available browsers. Users are also guided through privacy and security settings to ensure they have a smooth experience using the browser.


# 2 Optimized bridge configuration flow

Bridge Fetching, has been optimized in the new version. In previous versions, users had to email or visit a website to request new bridges for locations where the Tor browser is blocked due to censorship issues. With Tor 8.0, users only need to resolve a captcha in the Tor launcher to directly request new bridges from the browser.

All you have to do is-

  • Activate the Tor button in the browser interface and select Tor network settings.
  • Activate the “Tor is censored in my country”Checkbox on the page that opens.
  • Select “Request a bridge from“.
  • Solve the displayed captcha.

# 3 Improved language support

Previous versions of Tor supported fewer languages, which meant users couldn’t use the browser in their native language. Tor 8.0 browser introduced support for nine languages ​​- Catalan, Irish, Indonesian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese. Browser added component and library upgrades to new versions during crash navigator.mozAddonManager so websites can’t see it.

You can read the full release announcement for more information on the upgrades introduced in Tor 8.0.

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