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Check how to use Mozilla Firefox task manager

If you experience issues with slow system performance when browsing the web with Mozilla Firefox, you can use Firefox’s built-in task management tool to quickly identify system resource usage and manage long lists of errors. tabs. Normally, each Firefox tab is displayed as web content. You can see that a Firefox process is causing the problem, but that’s no way to identify which tab or extension it is. Few people would know, but Firefox also has a task manager. Firefox Task Manager is hidden in Settings. The advantage of the Firefox task manager is that it lists all the tabs, trackers and add-ons that consume system resources.

The Task Manager feature can be helpful when diagnosing high CPU or memory usage in Firefox. This feature is very similar to Google Chrome‘s task manager. You can see the list of all tabs and plugins with their impact on power and memory usage and close those tabs. This can be very useful when Firefox crashes or runs slowly. You can check which tabs are consuming the most resources and delete them. You cannot close or quit a plugin using Task Manager, but you can go to that plugin’s page to disable or deactivate a plugin.

How to Use Mozilla Firefox Task Manager

  • In this basic step, you need to start your Firefox browser. After that, click on the Open menu icon or the hamburger icon available at the top right. In the Firefox menu, go to the More section and select the Task Manager option.
  • Alternatively, you can also type about:performance in the address bar and press the Enter key to launch the Firefox Task Manager.
  • You will now see all running or active plugins and tabs. It will display the name, type (plugin or tab), RAM or memory usage of each tab and plugin, and power impact (medium, high or low) in real time.
  • If a tab is consuming a lot of power and the memory usage is also high, then that might be the reason for the slow performance. You can simply close or delete this tab using the task manager. For that, click on the name of that particular tab and you will see a cross button. Use this button to close the tab.
  • If it’s a plugin, you’ll see the Show icon in the Plugin Manager. Clicking on this icon will directly open the plugins page through which you can disable that particular plugin.

Final Words: How to Use Mozilla Firefox Task Manager

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