How To Send Phone Numbers From Google Chrome To Phone 2022 Tip


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Check How to Send Phone Numbers from Google Chrome to Phone

Google Chrome Browser, a versatile browser with many features and some hidden in beta for the next updated version of Chrome. However, we may test them before they are actually available to everyone. This uses the beta version of Google Chrome. Recently, Google launched a send link feature in Chrome browser which allows users to send any link from browser to Android phone so that we can access it on our smartphone. If you want to know how to do it, here is the tutorial on it: Send Chrome PC Link to Android Phone.

Now, similar features are emerging again that allow sending phone numbers from Chrome browser for PC to Android smartphones for the purpose of calling. This is possible with Chrome Beta 78, but we tested it on Chrome Build 77 with the Call to Call flag enabled and it works fine. Chrome 78 Beta New feature that lets you send phone numbers from your desktop to your smartphone.

This feature is always activated whenever the user clicks on a linked phone number or selects a phone number and invokes the context menu; The number will be automatically recognized and can be sent to any smartphone connected to the same Google account. After that, the smartphone will show a notification with the phone number from the Chrome browser. With a single press, the number is dialed directly and the call can be made. On smartphones it works with the current version of Chrome, desktops require at least 78 beta and a flag must be enabled.

How to send phone numbers from Google Chrome to phone?

We always want to send data between your mobile and your PC. Especially links and phone numbers. Before that, we use separate apps like. From now on, you don’t need these other apps anymore. For additional features like syncing messages and photos, you can use the Microsoft Your Phone app. It performs quite well compared to the PC suite of our mobile manufacturers.

  • Your Google Chrome versions must be 78 and above.
  • I worked on Android version 8.0 and above.
  • You must be logged into the same account on both devices. (PC and Mobile)


  • Whenever you find the phone number that has “-” between digits, Chrome will detect that number as mobile numbers.
  • Select the full phone number and right click on the webpage.
  • You will get the “Call from” option. In this option you can see your connected mobiles.
  • Choose the mobile you want to call. You must touch the notification on your mobile to make a call.
  • If Chrome didn’t detect the number as a phone number, copy the number and place the hyphen before the mobile number.
  • If you copied the number as 987654, put +91 before the number and enter. It will turn out that there is no search. Copy the number now; You will get the option to buy.

Final words: How to send phone numbers from Google Chrome to phone

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