How to run Tor Browser in AlmaLinux 8 2022


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Check how to run Tor Browser in AlmaLinux 8

Tor, also known as The Onion Router, is free, open-source software that enables anonymous communication when using online services like web browsing. The Tor network directs and continues to grow Internet traffic through an overlay network of volunteers accessible worldwide with more than six thousand relays. Many users want to find more ways to keep their information and activities as anonymous or at least as private as possible, which has led to the Tor browser becoming increasingly popular in recent years as it allows users to avoid monitoring. network or traffic analysis. Hides user location and usage. The purpose of the Tor network is to protect the privacy of users and their freedom and ability to communicate without monitoring their activities, and the data taken without their consent and used to summarize it.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install the latest Tor browser on Linux 8. Tor is extremely useful in cases where privacy and anonymity are needed. For example, you may be an investigative journalist investigating a very sensitive issue, or you may be in a country where the internet is heavily censored, controlled, or blocked. Or maybe you are a modern internet user aware of your online privacy. Tor will help in such cases by hiding your public IP address which generally identifies your geographical location on the internet. It redirects your traffic through multiple layers of encryption and nodes, thereby hiding your identity from prying eyes.

Install Tor Browser on AlmaLinux 8

  • First, let’s start by making sure your system is up to date.

sudo dnf update sudo dnf clean everything sudo dnf install epel-release

By default, the Tor browser is available in the AlmaLinux 8 base repository. Now we run the following command to add the Tor repository to your system:

sudo nano /etc/yum.repos.d/tor.repo

Add the following file:

name=Tor for Enterprise Linux $releasever – $basearch baseurl=$releasever/$basearch enable=1 gpgcheck=1 gpgkey= public_gpg.key cost=100

Next, update the dnf packages and install Tor Browser using the following command below:

sudo apt update sudo dnf install tor

Check the installation version:


  • Access the Tor Browser in AlmaLinux.
  • Once successfully installed, open Tor Browser on your system using the app’s search bar.
  • Click on ‘Activities’ then type ‘Tor Browser’ in the search field of the application:

Final Words: How to Run the Tor Browser in AlmaLinux 8

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