How to restore deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome


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Check how to restore deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome

Eliminating things helps us make room for something new. Still, removing it can sometimes be painful. As a web user, you know what a bookmark is. Most likely, you also have a lot of bookmarks in your Chrome browser. What if they are deleted? Yes, one day you will see them disappear. Or you accidentally deleted each of your favorites. How can you deal with it? Also, how can it be restored?

Restore deleted bookmarks in Chrome

  • Maybe your fingers slipped because you deleted the whole bookmarks folder. And now you want to restore them. Keep the Google Chrome browser as it is now. Do not do anything.
  • Now you need to activate the Run dialog box. For that, you can press the Win + R key. Suddenly, a dialog will appear at the bottom right of the Google Chrome screen.
  • In this step, copy the following path into the field provided and press Enter. Make sure you don’t change the route in any way.
  • What you get is a file explorer window with a special folder open. This is the folder of the Google Chrome browser, where all the information about it is stored in the window. You can see many folders there. Scroll down a bit to see two files; Bookmarks and bookmarks.bak.
  • The first without an extension is the live file with all current bookmarks placed. The second with the .bak extension contains the backup of the bookmarks folder that was taken when the browser was last closed. What we’re going to do is make a copy of the .bak file.
  • Now that we’ve taken care of the backup, we need to make it the main live bookmark file. Therefore, you need to delete the other two files. Click on it then select the next one while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard.
  • After deleting both files, you need to rename the copied file. You can rename it Bookmarks without any extension. But, putting the extension back will make it a backup file. So it would be helpful if you didn’t.
  • The last step is to check the markers. Make sure you follow all the steps listed above. When you have completed step 7, you can proceed to open the Chrome browser. Open it and look at the bookmarks bar. Remember to open all the folders there if you have any.

Final words: How to restore deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome

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