How to Reduce Data Usage in Google Chrome 2022 Tip


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Check how to reduce data usage in Google Chrome

Google has made several additions to Android and Google apps that benefit users in countries with poor network connections or speeds, and data saving mode in Google Chrome is one of them. Data saver mode allows web pages to load up to twice as fast when loading media at lower resolutions, saving up to 60% of data. Today, as Google begins to roll out version 74 of the Chrome browser to multiple platforms, the data saving mode is improved and renamed to “Lite Mode”. With Google Chrome’s new Lite mode on Android devices, web pages will load much faster and use less memory. As before, Lite mode compresses pages on Google’s servers before loading them on your device to reduce data consumption.

If the first image or text on the webpage doesn’t load within five seconds, Chrome automatically switches to the Lite version of a webpage. Google guarantees that the compression is done per URL and that all user data such as personalized content, login information or cookies are omitted. For the same reason, Lite mode may not work very effectively for incognito sessions, browsing on a local network (such as a company-owned website), or when data throttling by your provider. You can enable Lite mode in Google Chrome by going to the Advanced section in Settings. If you’ve used data saver mode before, it’s on by default. When you turn on data saver mode, Google’s servers reduce the amount of data downloaded to serve you a web page. This allows Google to delete unnecessary data and activate data saving mode. Below are the steps to reduce data usage in Google Chrome.

How to Reduce Data Usage in Google Chrome

android device

  • Open the Chrome logo from the Chrome app.
  • Tap Chrome menu > Settings.
  • Under ‘Advanced’, tap Data saver.
  • Slide the switch to turn it on.
    • You can deactivate this option at any time.

Computers and Chromebooks

  • Install the Data Saver extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Data saver should be enabled by default. Otherwise, click Turn on data saver.

Disable data saver:

  • Open Chrome.
  • In the upper right corner, click the data saver icon.
  • Click Disable Data Saver.

Final Words: How to Reduce Data Usage in Google Chrome

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