How to Re-enable Back Navigation Key on Mozilla Firefox 2022 Browser


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Check how to re-enable backspace navigation key on Mozilla Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox 86 has the back navigation shortcut disabled by default. The reason for disabling direct access is to help users avoid data loss. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge disabled this backlink some time ago. Chrome users will need to re-download an extension for it to work, while Microsoft has offered a flag for users to re-enable it. Mozilla has also given its users the option to re-enable the backspace keyboard shortcut if they wish. The company confirms in its Firefox 86.0a1 nightly release notes, which detail all new features in Firefox 86, that the back navigation shortcut will be disabled by default to prevent user data leaks.

Backspace as a navigation shortcut allows users to return to a previous page and sometimes causes users to lose data. For example, they may lose all the information they filled in on an online form. Before moving on to the highlights, let me first tell you why Mozilla disables the back navigation key in the Firefox browser. Officials responded that they only removed the navigation feature because users sometimes unintentionally go to the previous page when typing on the site. Below are the steps to re-enable back navigation key in Firefox browser.

How to Re-enable Back Navigation Key in Mozilla Firefox Browser

  • First, go to the Firefox browser and go to about:config.
  • Now “type browser.backspace_action” in the search preferences text box.
  • After that, a window will appear; you just need to press the edit option.
  • You will easily find the edit button in the right corner of the screen.
  • You will notice that the value of “browser.backspace_action” is 2 by default.
  • Now just change the value to 0. Then press the save button.
    • That’s it. You can now use the Backspace and Shift+Backspace shortcuts to browse the Internet again.

Final Words: How to Re-enable Backspace Key on Mozilla Firefox Browser

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