How to know how much memory a tab consumes in Google Chrome


We can safely say that Google Chrome It is the most widely used Internet browser in the world.This is mainly due to its simplicity, ease of connecting other devices, good internal functions, etc.

However, something that has been talked about a lot lately is the excessive amount of RAM memory which can consume Google Chrome, which at one time was true.

It’s true, and the reality is that nowadays too many Chrome tabs are usually open, in addition to being used at the same time, which undoubtedly represents a considerable expenditure of RAM memory for what is a simple Internet browser, especially if you browse on a computer or device that does not have too much memory inside.

On top of that, the browser itself is known to increase memory usage on its own, becoming a bit excessive and detrimental to the user experience. Now, something that can be done to see which tabs are consuming the most RAM on your computer is to take a look at Google Chrome‘s task manager.

How to Find Google Chrome Task Manager

To display the task manager and see the consumption of Google Chrome, just locate yourself in the browser and click on the three vertical dots that appear in the upper right corner. Scroll a bit now to position the cursor where it says More toolsand finally click on Task Manager.

After entering the administrator, you can see the memory consumption of each specific tab and thus draw conclusions about which pages and sites extract the most resources from your computer.

It may be surprising how much memory some places on the internet are hogging, although even with all of this and in an effort to improve browser performance, Google Chrome has been at work for quite some time and succeeded in reducing the amount of memory used by a good proportion as well as make websites load faster.


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