How to fix “Google Chrome stuck waiting to download” issue


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Check out how to fix “Google Chrome stuck waiting to download” issue

Usually, we don’t like Google Play at some point. Every application has its problems. However, almost nothing is more disappointing than trying to download that new game that you have held back from playing for a long time, to have your download on hold indefinitely. Either way, we’re here to help! Here are some normal fixes for the infamous Play Store download error and other normal issues.

Simple Steps To Fix Google Play Store Waiting For Your Download


You will try to restart your Android tablet or phone. Often, this small movement, without touching any other area, gives wonderful results.


Is your phone using the data connection? Open any website on your mobile device to check whether the internet access is working or not. Maybe your Wi-Fi or mobile data is not working, that’s why you expect Play Store download error.


Do you have enough space on your smartphone to download the necessary application or update it? To check it, go to Settings> Device storage. You will get a full summary of the resources available. When your phone is low on storage space, first delete unnecessary apps and data from your phone to free up space. You should also take a look at the storage space available on your SD card if you are using one. If the problem persists, delete it from your phone and then try downloading the apps.


  • Google Play Store often prevents app installation due to incorrect date and time on your phone, which is why you would expect download error. You need to change the date and time on your phone to correct this.
  • To do so, follow the steps below: Read This: Reasons You See The App Not Installed Easily Fix
  • Open the phone settings and go to Process.
  • Select Date and time. Then let the automatic date and time change next to it. If it’s already on, turn it off and start over.
  • Restart the phone and then start installing games from Play Store.


  • The Play Store comes with a native setup that lets you choose the type of network you want to access. You can choose Wi-Fi only, any network or ask every time. These settings can also be the cause of pending updates or pending update issues.
  • Open Play Store and tap the top three bars icon to patch it. Touch Preferences. Tap App download preference. Select On any network.


  • Due to slow automatic updates in the Play Store, installations of the latest apps often get stuck. To correct this, automatic updates should be turned off.
  • Open Play Store for this and look to download or update an app. Then tap the top right corner of the three dots icon and uncheck the box next to Allow automatic update.
  • Disabling it will fix the error in the Play Store waiting to download
  • You can also turn off the automatic update by going to the settings in the Play Store. Then tap Automatically update apps and select Don’t automatically update apps.


Test Have you activated parental controls from the Google Play Store? Take a look at these. They could interfere with your downloads. Go to the Play Store settings for this. Tap Parental notices. Keep parental controls or set them differently.


Clear cache and data are two separate entities. Start by clearing the Play Store cache. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, remove the details. Clearing cache or data does not uninstall installed apps from your phone or any other files. Therefore, deleting the data will log you out of the Play Store. Here are the steps:

  • Open the phone settings and go to Apps & notifications or Settings or Task manager on.
  • Search the Google Play Store under All Apps.
  • Tap Storage. Then tap Clear cache. Restart your phone.
  • Finally, if nothing works, tap on Clear data or storage in step 3 for Google Play Store and Google Play Services.


  • Google Play Store and Play Services need other permissions for them to work. Make sure they have all the necessary permissions like storage and others.
  • To get search and broadcast permissions, go to Settings> Phone apps & alerts. Tap Google Play Store under All apps, then tap App permissions. Then grant the storage permission.


You can also test to see if an update is available for the preinstalled WebView Framework application. Open Play Store for this and search for the Android WebView app. For Internet, you can open Android system’s WebView directly in Google Play Store. Press the Update button (if available).


Are you using a VPN on your phone? Try to turn it off for a while. Then download or update the Play Store software. Ideally, the update pending error will follow. This happens because the VPN app sometimes has a problem.


  • Android phones come with various settings that can affect downloads from the play store, such as general information, information usage restrictions, etc.
  • Instead of updating them one by one, device preferences can be reset to restore all settings to their original values. That would solve the problem.
  • If you’re worried about moving, find out what’s going on by resetting user preferences in detail. Then follow the steps below:
  • Open the phone settings and go to Apps & notifications / Application manager.
  • Open all apps and tap the top three-dot button. Select Preferences to reset the application.


Google Play Store and Play Services update automatically in the background. Sometimes they don’t update as expected and that’s why you get errors like download pending or pending download. To resolve this issue, updates from Play Store and Services must be uninstalled. Go to Settings> Apps & Alerts> Google Play Store for this. Press the top three-dot button and select Uninstall updates. Do the same with Services to Play.


Often times, the problem persists even after reinstalling the Play Store as noted above. The explanation for this may be that the new update from the Play Store is unstable. You need to update it manually by reverting to the previous edition or another. Check out our guide to Play Store fixes.


Many users, especially Samsung phone owners, reported that turning off Bluetooth on their phones fixed the issue for them. You will try to do that too. This may be a temporary problem.

Final words: How to fix “Google Chrome stuck waiting to download” issue

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