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How to fix and fix videos not playing in Google Chrome



Whenever someone sits down to watch important or funny videos, they want them to play properly. The glitches or the stopping of the videos cause a disturbance. Sometimes these issues can be distracting when watching educational or professional videos. There can be many reasons why videos not playing in Chrome including issues and others. Sometimes a slow internet connection, outdated Chrome, and cookies can become issues.

Along with the issues, there are also ways to fix the issues. You can easily fix videos that are not playing on Chrome somehow with software. If the methods don’t work, there are tools you can use to resolve the issue. The article will help you know the reasons why the content is not playing. You will also see information on how to help you fix the videos not playing issue in Chrome.

Part 1: Reasons why videos are not playing on Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best and most popular browsers used by almost all PC users at this time. Whether you are a macOS, Windows, Linux, IOS, or Android user, you must have some idea of ​​Chrome. It is part of everyday life and most people use it for research purposes and for viewing educational, informational and entertainment content.

There may be issues in Chrome that may interfere with reading. You can open game items, and they may not open or not play. The reason behind videos do not play in Chrome can be a lot. Here are some of the main reasons.

  • There may be technical issues in Chrome that can arise at any time.
  • Slow internet connection can also be a reason why videos are not playing in Chrome.
  • Your outdated Chrome can also become the reason, so you need to update it.
  • Extensions and plugins cookies installed in the browser are two other reasons that prevent files from playing on Chrome.
  • When you open too many tasks or tabs simultaneously on your computer, Chrome won’t allow videos to load.
  • Another reason is the lack of JavaScript, because playing videos requires it.
  • Adobe Flash has security issues that sometimes interrupt the playback of the file. You need to update it to work without this Flash to read files.

Part 2: 5 Ways to Fix Videos Not Playing in Google Chrome

1- Enable JavaScript

The reason may be the lack of JavaScript, as YouTube videos and others do not work without JavaScript on Chrome. You should follow these steps to resolve the issues:

  • Open Chrome on the computer and click More> Settings in the top right corner.
  • Click Site Settings under “Privacy & Security,” then click JavaScript.
  • After that, turn on Allowed and come back to the site with a video or game.
  • Now click on reload at the top left and the process is done.

2- Extensions, plugins, cache and cookies

Extensions, plugins, cache and cookies can cause reading problems. You can resolve this issue with the steps listed.

  • Open Chrome on your computer and click More> New incognito window at the top right.
  • Now go to the site with the game role in the new Incognito window.
  • Click More> Settings at the top right of this new window.
  • Now go to the Reset section and click on Reset.
  • The process ends; now return to the site with the video or game and click on reload.

3- Update Chrome

Sometimes your Chrome needs to be updated. To do this, follow the listed steps:

  • Open Chrome on your computer and click More> Update Google Chrome at the top right.
  • If this button does not appear, it means that you are already on the latest version.
  • For the obsolete version, you must click on this button and click on Relaunch.
  • After that, go back to the site with the video and click Reload.

4- Reset Chrome settings

Sometimes the reason for not playing can be the settings. You need to reset Chrome settings. With the given steps, you can easily do it.

  • Open Chrome on your computer and click on More> Settings at the top right.
  • You must click on Reset in the “Reset” section.
  • When done, come back to the site with the video and click Reload.

5- Repair tool

You must use Wondershare Repair in certain situations, such as troubleshooting issues with videos downloaded to Chrome. If you’re having trouble playing videos like YouTube stuff on Chrome, this might be helpful. It also helps you to repair broken, corrupted or damaged files in the formats you want, such as MP4, M2TS, FLV, AVI, WMV, MPG, etc. Here are the steps to use this tool to repair corrupt files downloaded from Chrome:

Step 1: Add corrupt video

Through “Add video and start repairing” or “Add” option in the interface, you have to add your corrupted file from its location.

Step 2: Repair the video

Click the “Repair” button in the window that appears to start the repair process. Once the process is complete, click “OK” to preview and save.

Step 3: Preview the repaired video

After the repair is completed, you can preview the repaired file. To do this, you have to go to the far right of the interface and press the “play” icon.

However, if there are issues with some videos, you can do a deeper analysis. This problem can be caused by some severely corrupted files. You need to perform a more in-depth scan and repair through the advanced repair mode. When the option “Preview failed? Try advanced repair” is displayed, you can do so through this option.

Step 4: Add Sample Video

You need to add a sample video from the “folder” icon to resolve the issue. There will be an option “Add Sample Video to Repair” to repair badly corrupted videos. The sample video is an important part of the advanced repair to fix the file. This sample video is a working shot using the same device and format as the corrupted file.

There is a “Repair” option present under the “Apply to all corrupted videos” button. After that, a window will appear to proceed with the next steps. You also need to decide whether or not to save repairs in Quick Repair mode. To do this, you must click on “Yes” or “No”; otherwise, the file may not be saved after correct repair.

Step 5: Record the video

Now all you need to do is select Save to complete the process. Make sure not to save the files to the path where you lost them.

Part 3: Closing words

There are many reasons that can prevent videos from loading or playing. The reasons may include problems, slow internet connection, or other serious issues. There are several ways you can troubleshoot issues, so you should try these methods out before seeking professional advice. The ways mentioned above can be very helpful in fixing videos that are not playing on Chrome.

Try to resolve your issues and problems with the methods, or you can seek help from the Repairit tool. This tool can be very helpful to you in troubleshooting problems. You often need to look at information about a professional job or training, and you find yourself stuck. At such times, these means can be very helpful in solving problems. You don’t need any professional experience to solve it; you can do it yourself using the Repairit tool.

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