How to Enable and Use Tab Groups on Google Chrome 2022


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Check how to enable and use tab groups on Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser replaced older browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as the industry standard in the early 2010s and is now the main web browser. Google Chrome is fast, easy to use, and has the largest library of browser extensions. It is undoubtedly a solid browser for personal and professional use. However, Google Chrome has one fatal flaw that all Google services have: its privacy management, or lack thereof. Google makes a huge profit from collecting personal data from its users to create personalized advertisements. Google Chrome is therefore not as privacy-friendly as some of its competitors.

Google has introduced a tab grouping feature to help you better organize your Chrome web browser. Learn how to enable and use this feature in Chrome 83. Keeping things tidy at work can help you be more productive because you won’t have to waste time looking for the items you need. Google has introduced a new feature called Tab Groups that will help you organize your Chrome web browser better.

With this feature, you can quickly group web pages and give each group its own name. For example, you can group the business articles you want to read into two groups called “Read as soon as possible” and “Read later”. Web pages in each group are automatically grouped and assigned a color that you can specify. See our article to enable and use Tab Groups in Google Chrome.

How to Enable and Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome

  • In the address bar, type chrome://flags and press enter.
  • Find the experimental Tab Groups feature (#enable-tab-groups) and enable it (Enabled).
  • Restart the browser by pressing Relaunch Now for the changes to be saved.
  • If group tabs haven’t been enabled, you can force them by clearing the Chrome app cache from system settings.

Final Words: How to Enable and Use Tab Groups on Google Chrome

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