How to Change Tor Browser Language


If you’re using the Tor browser and don’t like the default language, it’s easy to switch between the different languages ​​available in the browser. We’ll show you how to do this on both your desktop computer and your Android phone.

Later, if you prefer, you can return to the default language.

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Change Tor Browser Language on Desktop

To have Tor use a different language on your desktop, first launch the Tor application on your computer.

In the upper right corner of Tor, click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).

Select the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.

In the menu that opens, select “Settings”.

Picking out "Settings" in the menu.

In the settings, scroll down to the “Language” section. Here, click on the drop-down menu for your current language and choose “Search for more languages”.

Select "Search for more languages."

A “Tor Browser Language Settings” box will open. At the bottom of this box, click the “Select a language to add” drop-down menu.

In the list of languages, select the language in which you want to use Tor. Then, next to the drop-down menu, choose “Add”.

If you are using the selected language for the first time, allow Tor to download language files. When this is done, you will see your new language appear in the box.

Close the box by clicking “OK” at the bottom.

Picking out "OKAY" basically.

Back on the settings page, to apply your changes, click the “Apply and restart” button.

Select the "Apply and restart" button.

Tor will close and reopen, and you will now see it using the language you just selected.

Tor for computer in the new chosen language.

And that’s all there is to it. Happy browsing in your preferred language!

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Use a different language in Tor for Android

Tor’s Android app also offers multiple language options. To use it, first launch Tor on your phone.

Next, in the lower right corner of Tor, tap on the three dots.

Select the three dots in the lower right corner.

In the menu that opens, select “Settings”.

Picking out "Settings" in the menu.

On the “Settings” page, choose “Language”.

Faucet "Language" on the "Settings" page.

The “Language” screen will display all available languages. Select the one you want to use.

Choose a language.

As soon as you tap on a language, Tor will start using it.

Tor for Android in the specified new language.

And that’s how you use your favorite web browser in your favorite language. Enjoy browsing in this privacy-focused web browser!

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