Here is how to clear cookies from the smartphone, cache on Google Chrome to make it work faster


If your smartphone is slow, clear your web browser’s cookies and cache to increase its speed. Here’s how to do it.

Let’s face it, most of us are totally unhappy with the speed at which our smartphones are running. In fact, often they are so slow that the effort to get them started becomes maddening. Well, the reason for the slowness of smartphones is not hard to find. We are constantly looking for something on the internet and the web browser app of Android phone, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., keep storing all the data to speed up the experience of fast loading information from the assets saved to it. ‘to come up. This data is stored in your phone in the form of cache and cookies. Over time, your device may collect a pile of files that are of no use to you. This accumulation of data can significantly slow down your smartphone. The best solution is to clear your cookies and cache, which will free your phone from unnecessary stored information. So, now you would like to know how to clear smartphone cookies, cache on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Well, here is how to clear cache and cookies on Android smartphones.

How to clear smartphone cookies, cache on Google Chrome

– In Google Chrome, tap the Plus icon in the upper right corner of the browser, which is represented by three vertical dots.

– Then press History.

– Clear browsing data to delete your cookies and your cache.

– You can also clear browsing data from the Settings menu in Chrome by selecting Privacy and security, then Clear browsing data.

Basic and advanced settings for deleting your browsing history, cookies and site data, as well as cached images and files are then available in Chrome. You can also use the Time Range drop-down list to select whether you want to delete all of your information or just the last 24 hours to four weeks. If you want, you can also delete saved passwords, autofill form data, and site settings by tapping Advanced. After selecting what you want to delete, tap on the blue Clear Data icon, and it will clear without prompting you, so be sure to zap exactly what you want.

How to delete smartphone cookies, cache on Mozilla Firefox

You can clear cookies and cache from the Mozilla Firefox app for Android, just like you can with Google Chrome. To succeed,

– Click the More button on the right side of the address bar, which is again represented by three vertical dots.

– Then go to Settings and select Delete browsing data from the drop-down menu.

– Firefox gives you more options in the Clear Browsing Data menu allowing you to delete all current open tabs, your browsing history and site data, site permissions and even your Downloads folder, in addition to cookies and cached photos and files.


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