Google Chrome’s new feature will give you a “step-by-step tour” of privacy settings


Google says the Chrome Privacy Guide will help users make and manage the right choices for you in one place. (Picture: Google)

As users navigate through Google Chrome’s privacy guide, they will learn the “why” behind each setting and its impact on the browsing experience.

The Google Chrome web browser is getting a new “Privacy Guide” option to help users learn best practices to ensure a secure browsing experience. As we all use web browsers to visit a variety of websites, keeping track of collected data can be confusing. Google already had a bunch of measures in place, but exactly how some tools work can get a bit tricky. The Privacy Guide, at least in print, will help you “make and manage the right selections for you in one place.”

The feature is rolling out to Google Chrome users with version 100 and above. It should start reaching users in the “next few weeks”. Users can check their version of Chrome by heading to Settings (three dots in the top right corner > About Chrome (bottom). The new Privacy Guide feature will be available in the Privacy tab, just under “Clear Data Google shared the development in a blog post and added that the feature is developed by Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC). The company explains that the “Privacy Guide” is a “step-by-step walkthrough” some existing privacy and security controls in Chrome. This means it will help simplify existing features to provide more clarity for users.

As users navigate through the Privacy Guide, they learn the “why” of each setting and its impact on the browsing experience. The security-focused tool will include controls for cookies, history synchronization, safe browsing, and more. It looks like Google added these features based on user feedback.

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Meanwhile, Google Chrome received a bunch of new features last month. These new upgrades were rolled out with Google Chrome version 100. The web browser received a new logo and 28 security fixes. The Android version of the browser has also received Material You support to blend in with the smartphone theme. Readers can check out the top five features of Google Chrome version 100 here.

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