Google Chrome’s last-minute holiday shopping tools track prices and abandoned carts


With the time that passes before shipping delays put an end to your online vacation shopping, Google is highlighting some new Chrome features it can help you. Still, we keep in mind that those features used to keep track of things to help you shop are also useful for the nearly $ 2 trillion business that makes most of its money from shopping. serving relevant advertisements and ensuring that buyers click on the “buy” button. .

But you’ll probably be using Chrome anyway, so you should be aware that a new feature in the mobile browser on Android will show updated prices for items in your open tab grid, so you’ll know if prices suddenly drop. Google says iOS Chrome browsers will benefit from the feature “in the coming weeks.”

Google Chrome Price Tracking on Android
Image: Google

Another handy tool for Android browsers is the ability to search the internet for something you are already watching in real life, using Google Lens in Chrome. The lens icon will appear in the toolbar, and you can use the camera to identify something on a shelf or in a window and search without typing. This will also happen soon in desktop browsers, where you can right-click (unless it’s an NFT and you’re trying not to be rude), then select “Search for images with Google Lens “and use the mouse cursor to draw over anything that is catching your attention in the picture.

The other new item is available for Windows and Mac desktop Chrome users in the US, where it will keep tabs on carts you haven’t checked out yet. If you open a new tab page, there’s a “Your Carts” card that will have the sites where you’ve added items, and Google says that in some stores there may be a pending discount when you return.


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