Google Chrome will soon block unwanted notifications! Check details


Google in the next version of Chrome will launch an ML model that will help the browser automatically block unwanted notifications. Check the details here.

Google Chrome is a web browser that you can use to browse the Internet. According to the latest updates, Google Chrome will soon automatically block annoying pop-ups from the website. In its latest blog post, Google shared some recent and upcoming machine learning (ML) improvements that provide a safer, more accessible, and more personalized browsing experience. “Safe Browsing in Chrome helps protect billions of devices every day, by showing warnings when people try to navigate to unsafe sites or download dangerous files,” Google said. And now, to further improve the browsing experience, Google is changing the way people interact with web notifications.

Notifications can do both – it can be useful to know about updates to sites you care about, while unnecessary notification permission prompts can become a nuisance. To help people browse the web with minimal interruptions, Chrome predicts when permission prompts are unlikely to be granted based on how the user has previously interacted with similar permission prompts. , and silences those unwanted prompts. In the next version of Chrome, Google will release an ML model that makes these predictions entirely on-device. However, the date for the same is not yet known. Read also : Telegram tips and tricks: send secret messages using the app; check the steps

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That’s not all, Google has also informed about the other updates it will bring to Chrome. Earlier this year, Google launched Journeys to help people retrace their steps online. With ML and Journeys, Chrome brings together the pages you’ve visited on a given topic and makes it easy to pick up where you left off. Google also uses ML to make these websites available in the language of your choice.

Informing about this, the blog post said: “We have launched an updated language identification model to determine the language of the page and whether it should be translated to match your preferences. As a result, we are seeing tens of millions of successful translations every day.” Read also : This WhatsApp privacy feature will keep your chats safe! Know the trick

He further stated that in the near future he will use ML to adjust the toolbar in real-time – highlighting the most useful action at that time (e.g. share link, voice search, etc.). Additionally, Chrome users will be able to customize it manually.


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