Google Chrome upgrades security to block notifications from these websites

Image source: GOOGLE CHROME

Google Chrome

Tech giant Google is reportedly working to reduce the number of unwanted Chrome notifications users receive, by blocking notifications from websites the company deems “disruptive”.

According to a new code change, Chrome will soon be able to automatically revoke a website’s permission to send notifications and block any future attempts to request permission, reports 9To5Google.

Between websites that constantly ask for permission to use cookies and apps that need to ask for the slightest permission to function, it can be easy to mindlessly click “Allow” when asked if you want to receive notifications. , says the report.

Before you know it, your web browser is periodically receiving the latest recipes from a site you’ve completely forgotten about. Things are even worse if you end up subscribing to Chrome notifications from a website that is outright spamming, he added.

Google has already made progress on this problem in recent years, “silenced” the notification prompt from websites that abuse notifications or ask for permission in a deceptive manner.

The report mentions that, now, the company is trying a stronger approach to combat notification spam.

In a statement, a Google spokesperson emphasized the need to protect Chrome users from the many forms of spam endemic on the Internet.

“Notification spam is one of the top complaint reports we receive from Chrome users. This feature aims to address this issue by ensuring users only receive relevant notifications,” the company said.

“We consider that this work acts on behalf of users to protect their interests, and is an intervention under the control and discretion of the user,” he added.


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