Google Chrome: Privacy Sandbox tests will be extended in August: goodbye to third-party cookies


Google Chrome is seeing a new update and extension to its Privacy Sandbox initiative that will bring more security to all users, as well as eliminating third-party cookies in their use. Google said it was expanding the service to more users by August, which would help test the feature for its official release in coming years.

Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox Testing Will Be Expanded By August

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Google announced via its official blog that it is expanding Privacy Sandbox testing by August, and will bring more offers and experiences to more users in the coming month. The initiative will be released to developers and contributors who participate in the program and have already received feedback regarding the new feature.

Testing will help garner more feedback and suggestions regarding the experience, and it will soon help developers bring more of what they need before its actual release.

The cookie initiative will help avoid collecting information from the user and help protect their identity and data online, a path Google is currently taking.

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What will the Privacy Sandbox extension bring?

The Mountain View company said that all efforts in Privacy Sandbox testing will all be important for its release in Q3 2023 for all Chrome users. Its target date will provide the world with a more secure Chrome that no longer needs to store and collect user cookies, with the current extension to further test developers and partners.

Google’s sandboxing privacy efforts

The Google Privacy Sandbox effort is something it aims to introduce to the world through its Chrome web browser, which would help provide more security to users in the years to come. Supposedly it would be released in 2021 or 2022, but its previous announcement last year said it needed more time to work on this feature, hence its postponement to 2023.

Nevertheless, Google’s efforts to provide more privacy and avoid using third-party cookies for the browsing experience would help further protect its users’ browser information.

It wouldn’t be exclusive to PC or desktop Chrome browsers, as Google said it’s bringing the Privacy Sandbox features for Android users as well. Google’s security efforts bring one for the mobile and web versions of Chrome.

It looks like Google’s new security initiative is brewing for the world, and it will soon bring many features to the public. There are already those experiencing it through the beta testing experience for the Privacy Sandbox, and the internet company is looking to gather data that would help improve its current version.

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