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Google Chrome now clearly shows what data is tracked when using incognito mode


Google faces a US $ 5 billion class action lawsuit for tracking Chrome users even in Incognito fashion. Now Google has been working to destroy this $ 5 billion lawsuit for some time, believing that it should be common sense among Chrome users that “Incognito does not mean invisible”. However, in response to the lawsuit, Google is redesigning the Incognito tab on Google chrome and it will henceforth clearly indicate “what the incognito does” and “what the incognito does not do”.
According to a TechDows report, the Canary version of Chrome on Android comes with a new Incognito Chrome fashion design. Google is making it clear that Incognito does not make you invisible online and that websites know when you visit them. It also mentions that employers or schools can track browsing activity and Internet service providers can monitor web traffic.
Comparing the new design with the existing one, Google seems to have removed the toggle option to block third-party cookies. Google is expected to roll out this redesigned incognito mode to all platforms soon, not just Android.
The lawsuit accuses Google of “ubiquitous data tracking activity” and U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh previously noted that “Google failed to notify users that Google was engaging in alleged data collection while the user was in private browsing mode “.
Explaining what incognito mode does, Google said that “incognito mode” simply allows users to browse Chrome without their Internet browsing activity being recorded on their browser or devices.
As for online advertising, we already know that the incognito mode has nothing to do with blocking advertising trackers. Even if you are browsing the internet in incognito mode, online ads and trackers still follow you.

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