Google Chrome gets a new logo after 8 years


(RTTNews) – Tech giant Google is changing the Chrome internet browser logo for the first time in eight years, giving it a fresh new look.

The first changes since 2014 are very subtle and the refreshed version will be visible on apps, the web and beyond in the coming months.

Elvin Hu, a designer of Google Chrome, tweeted: “Some of you may have noticed a new icon in Chrome’s Canary update today. Yes! We are updating Chrome brand icons for the first time in 8 years. New icons will start appearing on your devices soon.”

Hu said the main brand icon was simplified by removing shadows, refining proportions and brightening colors. This was done to align with Google’s more modern branding phrase.

Additionally, placing certain shades of green and red next to each other has been found to create an unpleasant color vibration. So, the company introduced a very subtle gradient on the main icon to tone this down, making the icon more accessible. The blue circle in the middle of the logo now looks bigger.

In the tweets, Hu added that the company had created OS-specific customizations because the icons needed to be recognizable to Chrome, but also well-designed for each operating system. On ChromeOS, icons use more vibrant colors with no gradients to match the look of the rest of the system icons. Also, on macOS they look 3D. For Beta and Dev, Google applied colored ribbons to them.

Google Chrome‘s logo, when it launched in 2008, was a shiny three-dimensional emblem. Over the years it has been transformed into a 2D symbol.

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