Delete browsing history: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer


By default, your Internet browser will store information about the pages visited during an Internet browsing session. This information can include anything from personal login information to information accessible on a specific website, or random content on the site. This article will walk you through the safest and most effective methods to delete your browser history.

How to permanently delete browser search history?

There are several methods you can use to permanently delete your browser history.

Clean up your hard drive

You can get rid of your browser history by using the Disc cleaning (cleanmgr.exe) tool to delete Internet cookies and the history of your visited websites. If you are a the Windows user, just press the the Windows key + R, then type cleaning to start Disk Cleanup. Now just select the items you want to erase. There is also a variety of software that can make the process automatic on most browsers. We recommend CCleaner.

How to clear Internet Explorer browsing history?

  • To throw Internet Explorer and open it Tools menu. Then click Security.
  • Click on Delete browsing history, check the boxes corresponding to the information you want to erase, then click Wipe off to finalize the reset.

How to clear Google Chrome browsing history?

There are several methods you can use to erase your Google chrome browser history.

The easiest way to clear your Chrome browsing history can be done by clicking the Chrome menu located in the upper right corner to access the tools menu and browser configuration options.

How to clear Firefox browsing history?

To erase your Firefox browsing history, simply launch your browser and click the Library icon> Story > Clear recent history.

Select the quantity to be erased by selecting a time range in the Time range to erase box:

Click on Details to select exactly which items will be deleted:

Click on Clear now to reset your browser history.

How to clear Microsoft Edge browsing history?

  • To clear your Microsoft Edge browsing history, go to Settings and more> Settings> Privacy, search and services.
  • Under Clear browsing data, select Choose what to erase.
  • Then select a time range from the Time interval menu.
  • To choose Delete browsing history and click on Clear now.

To note: Clearing your browser history only helps you delete the history stored locally on your computer, although it does not delete data stored on Google’s servers. However, you can turn off search engines to save your browsing history.

How to prevent search engines from saving browser history?

Here are some quick ways to prevent your internet browser from saving your session history.

Disable recording history in Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools.
  • Check the option Private navigation to deactivate your browser’s history recording.

By activating this function, your internet history and browser cookies will be deleted when you close the browser window. This step must be repeated each time the browser is launched..

Disable recording history on Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox and go to Menu > Preferences.
  • Then click on the Privacy and Security tab, and go to the Story section.
  • In the drop-down menu next to Firefox goes, Choose Use custom settings for history:

Check the box next to Clear history when closing Firefox:

To specify which types of history should be deleted, click Settings…, located next to Clear history when closing Firefox. Check the items you want to automatically clear each time you exit Firefox:

After selecting the history to be deleted, click Okay, then close the window. Any changes you made will be automatically saved.

Disable recording history on Google Chrome

The only way to browse Google Chrome without the app saving your history is to navigate to Private browsing mode.

To activate it, open Google Chrome and navigate to the Customize and control Google Chrome menu (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner of your browser window. Click on New incognito window:

This will open a dark gray browser with a message saying you’ve entered incognito mode:

Turn off record history on Microsoft Edge

To turn off history saving in Microsoft Edge, you need to navigate in incognito mode. To do this, right-click on the Microsoft Edge logo in the taskbar and select New In the private window.

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