5 Google Chrome tabs and bookmark hacks to make your life easier


The invention of the tab and bookmark functions of the browser has increased the productivity of people online. Instead of having multiple windows open, you can have multiple tabs in a single window.

This feature can help you organize your workflow, allowing you to open a group of web applications or specific topics in their own windows. But what if you want to organize things more, like subgrouping similar web apps or consistently bookmarking open tabs?

Here are five tips to improve your Chrome tab and bookmark experience.

1. Select multiple Chrome tabs

multiple tabs selected in Google Chrome

If you have multiple tabs open in a Google Chrome window, you can use the Ctrl (Order on Mac) or Change buttons to select multiple tabs simultaneously. That way, whether you want to move tabs to a new group, window, or device, you can apply it to your chosen tabs simultaneously.

There are also two ways to select tabs. If you want to select multiple tabs next to each other, use the Change key. First you need to open the first tab you want to select, hold the Change button, then click the last tab on the other end. This move selects the first and last tabs and all other intermediate tabs.

If you want to select specific tabs, you can use the Ctrl Where Order key instead. By holding down this key, you can click on the tabs you want to choose. Chrome will then mark each desired tab with a highlight.

2. Move and group tabs

add tabs to a new group on Google Chrome

Whether you’re researching online or have multiple web tools to open simultaneously, sorting and organizing your open tabs by window would be a great way to streamline your workflow. You can group your open tabs by color in Chrome. You can even name them in groups for easy sorting and organization.


Moving the tabs is pretty straightforward: all you need to do is click and drag on the tab you want to move. Once you’re happy with the layout of your tabs, you can then group them together.

You have to choose which tabs you want to combine into a group – you can use Ctrl (Where Order) to select multiple tabs that do not sit together or Change to choose multiple tabs side by side. You can also choose any number of tabs, from one to as many as you have open.

Once done, right click on any selected tab, then choose Add tab (s) to the new group. You have the option of naming the group and you can also choose one of eight colors to designate each group of tabs.

Once you’re done grouping your tabs, you can click the color (or the group name, if you’ve assigned one) to collapse the tabs there. This way you can save tab space at the top of the browser.

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3. Move tabs and tab groups to a new or existing Chrome window

move tabs new window in Google Chrome

If you want to move a tab to a new or existing window, you can do so by right click on the tab. If no other Chrome window is open, you must choose Move tab to new window from the context menu.

However, if other Chrome windows are open, go to the Move tab to another window submenu in the context menu.

To select New window if you want to move it to a new window. But if you want to move it to an existing window, you will also see a list of open windows you have under New window. Just click on the browser window you want to move the tab to, and you’re done.

You can also move groups of tabs to a new window. However, you cannot transfer them to an existing one. To move groups of tabs, right click on the color or the name of the group, and choose Move the group to a new window. The tab group will then open in a new window.

Another more convenient way to move tabs and tab groups is to click and drag them. Correct click on the tab you want to move and then to glide take it out of its existing window. This will open the tab in its own window.

But if you want to move it to another window, you need to have both the source window and the receive window ready. Click on the tab you want to move, and then drag it to the title bar of the receive window.

You can do the same for tab groups, but instead of clicking a tab, you need to click the color of tab group to drag and drop it. Also, this method of moving tabs or groups of tabs between windows is best for users who have large or multiple monitors.

Chrome title bar context menu

If more than one Chrome window is open, you can also rename each window to help organize them as well. Right click on any part of the Google Chrome title bar that is not filled with an icon or a tab, and, in the context menu, choose Name window … and one Name this window the sub-window will open. Type the name of your choice and press Okay.

4. Mark your tab groups

bookmark all tabs on google chrome

If you want to add a tab to your favorites, just click on the Star icon at the end of address bar and click Add a bookmark. A window will then appear asking you to name the bookmark and under which folder you want to save it.

You can save the bookmark in a custom directory, but if you don’t want to change the settings, click elsewhere. Chrome will keep the bookmark with its default page name and place it in the last bookmarks folder you used.

But if you want to save all open tabs, you have to right click on any part of the Google Chrome title bar that is not filled with an icon or a tab, then choose Mark all tabs …. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl / Command + Shift + D shortcut to perform the same action.

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When you mark all open tabs in a window, a Mark all tabs window will open. You can choose the subfolder to organize your bookmarks. If you want to access it easily, choose Favorites bar. You can also set the name of the tabs you want to bookmark for better organization.

Once you’ve saved the open tabs, you should see the name you set under the bookmarks bar. Each group of tabs will be kept in their respective subfolders, while the ungrouped tabs can be found directly under the folder in the bookmarks tab.

5. Quickly access your Chrome bookmarks

Google Chrome appearance settings

Besides saving web pages for later use, you can also use bookmarks to make it easier and faster to launch your frequently used sites. The bookmarks bar only appears when you open a new blank tab by default.

But if you want to have access to your bookmarks, even if you are on another website, you have to enable it in the settings.

To do this, go to Google Chrome settings by clicking on the three button menu in the upper right corner of the window. In this menu, click Settings.

Once the Settings page opens, choose Appearance in the left menu. Under the Appearance window, click the Show bookmarks bar slide. Your favorites bar will then appear under the Google Chrome address bar.

Use Google Chrome effectively

Whether you’re a professional who uses a lot of web apps or a casual internet user who just wants to have all of your streaming services and social media platforms right at your fingertips, these tips will help save you time and effort.

By effectively using Google Chrome tabs, tab groups and bookmarks, you can get all the webpages you frequently need with just one click.

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