5 advantages of the Mozilla Firefox browser that Google Chrome does not have


There is real competition in the market for online navigation systems. If you check statistics, there are 2 dominant browsers with the lion’s share of user attention. These are Google Chrome with 65% of the overall share and Safari which takes about 17%. But there is another handy browser that may become a new reality for users. This is the Firefox browser.

There is a real Chrome vs Firefox competition. The reasons are different, but the general situation is clear. There is a browser to conquer the market, and it is not Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately, there are some reasons why people don’t pay much attention to using Firefox. But Mozilla has its advantages and can be a good competitor to its competitors in the market. In this article, you will discover the most compelling reasons to use Mozilla Firefox.

What are the advantages of Firefox over Chrome?

Each browser was designed to perform a number of options. For some people, using Chrome is more convenient than signing up for Mozilla Firefox. But that doesn’t mean the latter has no edge over competitors. Let’s list them and answer the question about the relevance of Firefox logs and their benefits.


Do you really need to use Firefox for its privacy guarantees? Yes, you must try it if you care about your privacy. The browser is based on freeware that does not track every step of its users. Do you not want your private information collected? You can disable this option in the settings using a few tickles.

You can find many browser extension tools that increase privacy and work for user security. For example, you can work with the best Mozilla FirefoxVPN to ensure the security of your data. The Firefox VPN extension works best for users. By choosing a free Firefox VPN, you can create a secure network. VeePN helps keep your surfing activity private. Make sure to download the VPN for free to enjoy safe browsing activity.

Password managers are another option for users. You should know how complicated it can be to keep track of every password you have. Some people use a piece of paper to write down passwords, but that’s not the most efficient method. You can find a reliable password manager to use with your Mozilla Firefox browser. It’s the best way to ensure privacy and keep all your passwords in one place.

Parameter flexibility

Is Firefox better than Google? Yes, it is better than other navigation systems because it is a highly customizable tool for users. You can play with the main screen and work with bookmarks and extensions. You are free to adjust the work of the browser to make it the best user experience on the Internet.

Practical work with the new pages

What are the benefits of using Firefox as a browser? This is another advantage that Mozilla has over Google. When you are looking for necessary information, working on a project or doing many things simultaneously, it is always necessary to open many pages at once. Most browsers fail at this point and reduce their performance to a minimum rate to handle the strain.

But it’s not the Mozilla browser. This browser will not slow down its performance even if you work with new pages grouped in folders. This is a compelling reason to try to work with Mozilla browser and compare it with Google Chrome.

Almost hack-free browser

Due to lack of popularity among regular users, Mozilla Firefox offers a less risky user experience. You probably won’t be hacked because there is less interest from hackers and online fraudsters with working with the browser. Virus developers pay most attention to popular browsers with a wide range of clients. In this case, Mozilla Firefox is not the priority, which means you can surf safely with less risk of encountering a random hacking attack or losing your data.

Fast and stable work

You may know the difficulty of spending minutes downloading a file, downloading the app or just opening the page. This is a challenge for Google Chrome in many cases. But this is not the case for the Mozilla browser. There were times when the browser showed poor performance, but that disappeared. Now you can enjoy the fast and stable work of the navigation system.


Why is Firefox better than Chrome? Most users would prefer Chrome to Mozilla and the stats prove it. But Mozilla has obvious advantages over other browsers. If you decide to try a new navigation system, you should check the work of the Mozilla tool. It is fast, reliable and offers less risk for users thanks to its privacy settings.


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