29 Apr

Loan for rent deposit – Take out a small loan

Moving is not cheap – everyone knows that who has moved once or several times in their lives. Fees still have to be paid to the broker, the commissioned moving company has to be paid, the renovation of the old apartment costs money and new furniture for the apartment is usually still needed. Another cost item is the rent deposit to be paid to the landlord of the new apartment. As a rule, the amount of three net cold rents is to be deposited in a separate account when the rental agreement is signed. The money must also be there and then of course there is no money for the previously mentioned cost items.

It becomes particularly problematic when tenants think they can transfer the deposit from the previous apartment to the new rental deposit. The only problem is that the dates overlap. The new rental deposit must be paid before the old rental deposit is paid out. This means that those wishing to move are at least temporarily charged twice. It is therefore advisable to take out a loan for a rental deposit at short notice to bridge this double burden. This loan can at least partially be repaid early if the rent deposit of the old apartment is paid.

What type of loan is reasonable for the rental deposit

What type of loan is reasonable for the rental deposit

Some consumers use their overdraft facility in the event of short-term liquidity shortages, as is the case with the double charge for the rental deposit. This is a possibility that is offered if the expensive overdraft facility is not needed for other costs associated with the move. It should also be noted that overdraft is a very expensive loan in the long run. The claim should only be used if the loan can be repaid in three months.

Take out a small loan for the rental deposit

Take out a small loan for the rental deposit

It is much cheaper if consumers look for a cheap small loan on the Internet. Ideally, a free loan comparison on a corresponding portal will help you find the cheapest loan. Make sure that interest rates are low and the rental deposit loan does not cost any additional fees. In addition, free early redemption should be possible. Not all banks allow their customers to redeem loans in advance without paying fees.

Plan the loan for rent deposit

Plan the loan for rent deposit

If additional costs are not covered in connection with the planned move, the additional money required can be accommodated in the loan for rent deposit. A cheap installment loan for free use is paid into the borrower’s account. The borrower then decides for himself what is financed with the money. One part can then be used for the rental deposit, another part for the purchase of furniture or the like. In such cases, it should be noted that the bank enables the customer to make special repayments at any time free of charge. In this way, the rent deposit from the old apartment can be used later for special repayment and the monthly charge can be reduced.

Requirements for granting credit

Requirements for granting credit

Consumers get a loan if they are also creditworthy and can also prove their creditworthiness. As a rule, this requires faultless Credit Bureau information and a permanent position with regular income in a attachable amount. For married and married couples, the banks like to see both partners sign the loan agreement.

When Hartz IV recipients have to pay a rental deposit


Even people without a job and without attachable income have to move if, for example, family growth is announced, or if the job center requires that the apartment, which is too large, has to be exchanged for a smaller apartment. Beneficiaries of social benefits are generally not able to finance an expensive move. They also don’t get any credit from the bank. But you can get a loan for rent deposit from the job center on request, so that nothing stands in the way of moving here, too.

27 Apr

Online Credit Low Interest

For the amount of interest, the term of a bank loan is an important factor: for example, if you choose a shorter term of a loan, you pay less interest. After that, a loan is required. The advantage of online loans, for example, is that they can be completed very quickly and with little effort. The annual effective interest rate of a loan is all the higher, the higher the fees or the interest payable during the term of the loan. Favorable conditions, quick engagement and standardized conciliation procedures – the online credit is in no way inferior to the lending by the branch bank.

Online loans

Online loans

When a loan is claimed and processed over the network, it is an online loan. Some credit institutions also call the online loan immediately or directly loans. The borrower usually spares time and time through favorable interest rates. In addition, an online loan can also speed up the distribution of the loan amount.

The processing of an online loan is done exclusively via the web, which is clearly different from conventional loans. Online loans are granted through so-called direct banks, which do not have a branch network. This saves the direct bank considerable sums, so that these borrowers often have very favorable interest rates. There are only a few steps needed to make a loan application.

In a mask, the borrower enters only key data for the desired loan, such as information about the job situation and the monthly income. Some online banks are also asking for civil status. After the application, the relevant house bank checks the data of the customer and at the same time checks whether the loan can be awarded.

As a rule, it is decided within 24 hours whether the borrower receives the order or not. All provisional loan documents will be sent to the borrower by e-mail or by letter if the check is positive and the loan has been approved. The borrower returns the printed documents together with an identification, eg via a postident procedure, to the financing banks.

Find out about the identification process 

Find out about the identification process 

Many banks that provide online loans do not put the buyer directly on terms. The vast majority of online loan offerings are variable and offer the borrower the option of unscheduled repayments or repayments. The lenders are usually available 24 hours a day on the Internet and are therefore not subject to normal banking hours.

Compared with branch contracts, this usually means faster processing of the online loan. But the debtor’s credit check with the Credit Bureau query is no less bureaucratic than with conventional banks. In addition, online financial institutions can make substantial savings due to the lack of a branch network and can often provide borrowers with favorable interest rates.

Because an online loan not only has to be settled quickly, but often has to be repaid quickly, a long-term partial payment is not possible. Therefore, many banks grant a maximum repayment term of 72 to 84 years for their online loans. For small to medium sized loans, an online loan is optimal as the maximum loan amount is often 50,000 USD.

Loans to cover real estate financing are barely taken up via online offers. Another danger when taking an online loan is the lack of personal address. Although some banks offer consultation via a telephone hotline, there are many providers who do not offer this. Interested online borrowers should therefore be fully informed about the different ways of lending on the Internet.

When you make an online loan for a major purchase, you should first be aware of the terms and conditions of the offer. Private lenders and large credit institutions often promote instant loans at particularly favorable rates. On the other hand, medium-sized borrowers, in some cases above 10 percentage points, have to raise their share of the market, irrespective of the ECB’s key interest rate or the average interest rate on the market.

Considering the large number of annuity loans that can now be taken on very different terms, consumers should carefully consider whether online credit is essential. Basically, if the buyer is able to repay the loan quickly, an instant loan is just as well suited as an overdraft because it can save on processing fees and other costs.

However, the amount borrowed should not exceed two to three net monthly salaries in order not to break the bank’s planning framework. In this case, the borrower should be restrained, as default interest for a disproportionate overdraft can increase the dispo interest rate up to 15%. Therefore, it is always useful to look at the conditions of the various providers in detail.

What are the most attractive conditions?

What are the most attractive conditions?

The level of interest rates on an online loan is heavily dependent on the borrower’s creditworthiness. The Institute determines this by first requesting information from the Credit Bureau. In addition, the so-called screening is used, in which the potential debtor is classified. However, the conditions for an online loan can be favorably influenced by the choice of a suitable fixed interest period.

As a rule, if interest rates are currently generally attractive, this should be ensured by the widest possible fixed interest period. In addition, it is advisable to set the highest possible repayment installments in your own financial framework. For the contract comparison, the many loan calculators on the intranet. Thus, the client can not only effectively evaluate different long-term planning loans, but also distinguish fast advantageous online loans from expensive offers.

After all, the individual online loans are often similar at first glance. The borrower can use special types of calculators to determine the loan amount, the term, the expected interest and other variables. Although this loan is usually only a short financing option, it can take years to pay off the remaining debt.

When using a credit calculator, therefore, a number of things must be considered. On the one hand, the borrower should go over several conditions of the individual loans in detail, as there are many questionable offers, especially in the online area, which turn out to be such only on closer scrutiny. It is particularly recommended to submit the loan application from the beginning on the basis of realistic information.

Anyone who overstates their own budget can be in arrears after just a few months’ deduction and have a lot of punitive interest. The repayment calculator can then be used to play back individual repayment variants so that the consumer can exactly assess which ones can cope with their own professional situation. In particular, borrowers with relatively low interest rates should consider various options and set a higher initial repayment amount against the background of current loan interest rates.

For example, the following aspects should be checked: Also, many instant loan providers use online computers on their network presence for quick billing. Special care is required for the client, since for a more attractive image of the loan offer is not always considered all fees incurred, so only the debit interest, but not the effective interest are included in the bill and a TÜV-audited bill is not made in most cases,

It is therefore advisable to use an independent creditworthiness calculator for the reconciliation.

17 Apr

The best bank for loans

Due to the realization of the loan through a foreign bank, no inquiry is required at the Credit Bureau. Where do you get a loan for the Best Bank rescheduling, even if your credit rating is unfavorable or your credit rating is bad? It is best to contact a credit intermediary first (eg Interhyp, Dr. med.Small). For small business owners or start-ups, it is often difficult to obtain loans from banks for necessary investments. These tips increase your chances of getting enough money for more growth and profit.

Credit with the negative Credit Bureau – good alternative use

Credit with the negative Credit Bureau - good alternative use

In the case of a refusal, the client can get along with problems. A loan with a negative credit rating is only granted by the bank if the loan can be repaid. Those who have too many entries in the Credit Bureau have failed to meet their payment obligations. The bank therefore has reasonable doubts as to whether it will grant a loan with a negative Credit Bureau bonus.

Are you still undecided whether to apply for a loan? What do you need a loan for? Okay, thanks for your feedback. You have already created one of the essential conditions for a loan payment. The advice and hints given by us are only possible for guests from Germany. My last question: would you prefer to pay back the loan quickly or more slowly?

We have put together suitable offers for loans %%% num %%%. I have an extra insider tip for you. The bank asks at the arrangement with the Hungarian authority with each loan. Regardless of the loan amount, it is important whether the Credit Bureau is audited or not. The banks are forced to do so and would not waive their own interest.

It gives the bank a statistical statement as to whether a loan can be repaid with great certainty or not. There are both negative and positive messages from the consumer in the control center. If too many negative bookings are found, the credit rating decreases. The better the Credit Bureauscore, the easier it will be to have a negative credit given to a negative Credit Bureaus.

If the school feels too bad, the consumer can have them canceled by showing that the bill has been paid. Because the list of Credit Bureaus is renewed every three months, an application should be better timely waited. Only when the bookings are lost, a bet pays off with a worse utilization.

Debtors with bad creditworthiness must always come up with problems with the credit institutions. With the creditworthiness the loan should be secured. If this is not possible, the bank will not grant a loan. Very few people know that this creditworthiness can be improved. But the bank often does not say that. However, the borrower itself can ensure that the situation does not lead to a refusal of credit.

Borrowers can increase their credit rating with loan collateral to the extent that the loan will not be rejected in the event of a negative credit rating. They help to find out from the lender with which loan collateral it occurs. Thus, the preparatory phase can already be started before a loan application is made to the negative point of contact of the Federal Agency.

Frequently, the customer can read the information on the website of the lender. If you have bank problems with a loan, loan collateral can be helpful. The borrower must provide these loan collateral. Once he knows exactly what collateral is accepted by the lender, he can take care of it. A guarantor is often used as collateral for small loans.

The guarantor must be solvent enough to pay the loan on his own if the credit is negative. In addition, the Sheufa must be strengthened, otherwise it is to be feared that the loan will not be repaid. If the candidate is of age and can meet the conditions, he can act as guarantor of the loan in case of a negative credit.

Life insurance policies with a corresponding surrender value can be used to hedge larger loans. In the case of high credits, however, a residual debt insurance can help secure the loan. Consumers are often confronted with the question of where to get credit in the event of a negative credit rating. All credit offers have been checked by the publisher! Status: 11.05. 2018 *) So many times this offer has been read by our website visitors over the past 30 days.

It is justified because it is not always clear who offers the best. It is not always easy to have a loan with a negative drawer. Often only a credit comparison can suffice. However, in order to be able to disclose all accrued expenses, the borrower must file an application. Before the actual interest fixing, the bank must check the credit rating.

Only then can the customer be informed of the interest rate that corresponds to his credit rating. Matching is just a snapshot for every consumer. Visiting the website of the lender shows further expenses. Anyone rejected by the bank will find it difficult to find a way out. The rejection occurs in the Credit Bureau.

Other credit institutions can recognize this and reject it

Other credit institutions can recognize this and reject it

Because all credit institutions work with the Sheufa, no option can be exploited here. In this way, however, a loan can be concluded without the intermediation of the Federal Labor Office. Borrowers can understand this only in the network. The Sheufa is not interviewed, but the applicant has to prove his creditworthiness elsewhere.

Foreign banks have a minimum salary of EUR 1300 per loan. In addition, the applicant must have a fixed employment contract with the loan. Pro-processors receive no credit. The same applies to students, pensioners and the self-employed. There is no income suitable for the loan here.

The fluctuating salary of the self-employed is not accepted by the credit institutions. Getting a loan, if your credit rating is bad, can be difficult. The obstacles are precisely defined by the bank. If you do not meet the credit conditions, you will not receive a credit from the negative side of the Credit Bureau. Only a personal loan from the host family can help.

14 Apr

Online loan for trainees

From application to payment, everything can be conveniently settled online from your home PC. Necessary application documents can be sent online or by post. Some uses are supported by the lenders. The advantage of online loans for apprentices is obvious. In the virtual world, all applications are completed on the PC and verified online.

Credit for apprentices: departure into adulthood

Credit for apprentices: departure into adulthood

The trainees quickly recognize that living together with the relatively low wage can not be fully enjoyed. Some uses are advocated by the lenders. Partly a guarantor is required, sometimes a loan is granted for trainees even without guarantors. The employer can also decide on the creditworthiness.

Here you will find all the information on the “Credit for Trainees” guide at a glance: It may be that apprentices have to invest in training alongside their own four walls. Often, credit quality can not be measured against the previous payment mode, so other aspects have to be included. As a rule, the bank offers trainees lower interest rates and flexible installment payments. But what opportunities are behind the loan offers for trainees?

The guide for trainees shows it up!

The guide for trainees shows it up!

Throughout your school career, you dream of the moment your first income is finally on your own account. Thus, the latest PlayStations or the latest cell phone are still too expensive and despite the daily work iron savings. Happy are those who have a little money for the first home furnishings.

The monthly expenses for fuel, car insurance and taxes and even a payment from the training wage are possible. But now you should ask yourself the question, if a trainee is granted a loan at all. To what extent is the meaning of a commitment crucial? First, a borrower must be 18 years old and therefore fully lendable.

For a training contract, the fee is calculable for the next 2-3 years and the credit limit is set. What goes beyond that can not and will not be approved by a responsible and reputable lender. However, it is not certain whether a loan will be granted within this period. The lenders are well aware that the apprentice can only find his way through this phase of life.

The first own income from which the apprentice has to pay insurance, rent and additional costs. This is not necessarily a merit. These are experiences that have probably made many, but not all. If a lender chooses to give a loan to the trainee, despite all concerns, he will generally secure a guarantor.

Because the loan amount for trainees is still considered manageable, here too the immorality does not appear. Despite the guarantor, the lender can check the creditworthiness of the client. After all, it depends on his salary payments whether a monthly repayment of the loan is possible. If these are often in financial difficulties, the credit is also in danger.

However, it should be noted that a loan application must be decided case by case. Thus, a loan can also be awarded to trainees without guarantors, if the trainee prescribes a proper use of the loan. For example, if it was a loan for a computer that had to be purchased as part of school education, a bank adviser decided, unlike a loan, on a ten-foot sofa corner.

Here, too, separate the shards of wheat: Responsible donors want to reduce the debts of the trainee. To what extent they really commit themselves to a social obligation or whether they also do not recognize an overall economic damage in the debt burden of young people, must not be discussed in more detail here. For only when the need is really felt should the credit institutions issue loans to trainees with and without guarantors.

In general, the creditworthiness of an individual can be determined on the basis of their income, duration of employment and term of payment. However, a special case applies to apprentices over the age of 18 due to their low level of experience. The purpose of the use is always added to protect the trainee from debt. A bond for trainees without a guarantor is not necessarily condemned to failure.

Debts of apprentices

Debts of apprentices

The debts of apprentices can also threaten financial institutions with economic damage, since apprentices are the main investors of tomorrow. Therefore, those who grant a loan to the trainee usually grant special conditions. With such a loan, the ten-meter-long sofa bed is not yet paid, but education and training.

The training is chargeable for the client, the federal government and unfortunately also for the trainee. In addition, the loans have greater installment flexibility than most installment loans. Exam fees, a new issue of the Pjyrmel or a broken machine can lead to unexpected budget holes that particularly affect low-wage trainees.

These measures guarantee “customer service from the start”. Even if no trainee sees himself as a junior, at least they have not yet been tested on the capital market. It would be an exaggeration to say that the lenders are hitting the interns and gradually leading them into the financial world. At least it gives them the opportunity to gain their first experience with claims and installments without having to worry about their “justification for existence” through this “cotton-wrapped” financing.

For most banks, these special conditions apply only to apprentices up to the age of 27 years. Apprentices who complete their apprenticeship at an advanced age must raise a loan under normal market conditions. However, if it was to be the first loan that had to be completed at the bank, there are certainly some special conditions that are granted as a gesture of goodwill.

It is also possible to get a loan as a trainee. As a general rule, a contract of employment of between 2 and 3.5 years existed. However, the problem here is the attributed sense of responsibility of trainees. This obstacle can be broken with guarantors. The lending depends on the purpose, whether with or without security.

Hardly any lender awards consumer credit. Educational loans used for education and training sometimes do not even need a guarantor. For trainees between 18 and 27 years special conditions apply for the loan. This is an important prerequisite for customer loyalty, not only for the trainee, but also for the lender.

10 Apr

Reasons for taking out a loan

The reasons why a loan must be taken out are as diverse as the possibilities when getting a loan. Often, wishes have to be fulfilled, debts are to be put or invested in the future. Occasionally, however, a separation or even a longer illness is to fault for the increased money that should be covered. If the overdraft service is insufficient for the saving account because it is already exhausted or even because the money is needed within the longer term, taking out an sequel loan or a dedicated mortgage is usually the best solution.

But sometimes the particular banks and savings banking institutions refuse to accept this. And a lot more, when looking for a loan with Credit score Bureau. So a loan which is granted despite negative articles in the Credit Bureau. Regrettably, finding such a loan is just not an easy task. Because a negative Credit score Bureau does not fit the particular conditions that bank-based banking institutions in Germany attach to the particular granting of a loan. The detour is therefore essential to be able to take out the mortgage with Credit Bureau.

What should I perform if the bank refuses the particular loan?

What should I do if the bank refuses the loan?

If the financial institution rejects a loan application, you can find usually good reasons for this. When it is because of the negative Credit Agency, the bank assumes that there are heavy debts that cannot presently be offset and have thus led to the negative Credit score Bureau.

Issue is the case and numerous debts have accumulated that will currently weigh heavily plus cannot be cleared, then every single interested party should request whether it is really wise to remove a loan with Credit Agency. Because if the current debts can not be managed, how are the brand new debts to be managed?

However, if the mortgage with Credit Bureau is needed to pay the debts or even if the negative entry within Credit Bureau has already been finished and has not yet already been deleted, then the loan task can be maintained. But then you need to look for alternatives for the entrance.

The guarantor

The guarantor

If you need a loan rapidly, you should not get involved with credit agents with dubious offers, yet take the search for suitable options into your own hands. A fast solution can be found in a loan having a guarantor, among other things.

If a solvent guarantor is certainly involved in borrowing, the banking institutions quickly forget the negative Credit score Bureau and concentrate on good aspects that the guarantor provides. In such a case, the guarantor plus borrower are jointly within the creditworthiness of the loan. When the data of the two people provide a good value, the loan could be taken out as planned. Which even on fairly great terms.

Nevertheless, it must always be kept in mind that the guarantee is a very accountable and difficult task. If it occurs that the borrower can no longer provider the loan, the bank will usually contact the guarantor plus demand the outstanding cash from him. A guarantor must therefore always be conscious that he is liable for the mortgage with all his assets. Plus until the last cent is certainly paid back.

The particular foreign loan

The foreign loan

Several borrowers are therefore contemplating taking out the loan along with Credit Bureau without a guarantor and abroad. This is completely feasible. The Sigma credit score bank, which is based in Liechtenstein, would be the best point associated with contact for this.

The bank specializes in small financial loans that are taken up by customers who have their main home in Germany. The good thing about the particular loans is the fact that they do not need a query from Credit Agency. Negative entries are consequently not an issue. In addition, the credit score is not entered in the Credit score Bureau, so potential lenders do not need to know about it.

The loan could be taken out directly on the Internet. The financial institution provides all forms with this on its website. Financial loans with a loan amount of dollar 3, 500 or dollar 5, 000 are offered. Pay back will be made within forty months. The interest rate is about 11 percent. The requirement for borrowing is an revenue that is obtained from a permanent placement and that is above the garnishment allowance.

07 Apr

What is credit card?


What has become a matter of course today, but on the other hand is only known to very few: A credit card is also a financing instrument. This sentence may sound ironic to some readers, but if you compare the statistics of what is now being financed by credit card, then “some consumers live well above their means” because it simply loses the overview. Money that is in the wallet can be seen with the eye. Electronic money, on the other hand, is only visible to the eye at the end of the month: in the form of a hefty minus amount on the account. In addition, it is made easy for the credit card owner: there is no need for collateral or a separate loan agreement. Nevertheless, the original function of a credit card is in the loan area, even if the change has shown something different in recent years. In the past, credit cards were only issued to people who had good creditworthiness. Today, schoolchildren, students, trainees and unemployed people already receive a credit card.

Even the range of services itself can hardly be overlooked today, not to mention the fees incurred. Today, credit cards can not only be used to obtain cash, you can also use them to make cashless payments, and you can also use additional services such as bonus programs, VIP services or discounts. For this reason, customers now receive “better” credit cards with additional services in addition to their “simple” prepaid cards. Names such as debit card, charge card etc. are intended to emphasize the advantage for selected customers. There are currently four major credit card companies on the market: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Baclays Card. These cards are offered separately for private and business customers, which is why they differ in price and performance.

The VISA Classic card is intended for people who only use the payment transaction functions and do without additional services. Those who travel a lot, however, are better off using the VISA Card Gold because of the cheap insurance. The same also applies to the MasterCard standard card, which is also intended for customers who only want to use the basic functions of a credit card: pay cashless and withdraw money. On the other hand, if you also want to use services, you are better served with the MasterCard Premium or MasterCard World Signia. The normal customer cannot even apply for the latter. But no matter whether VISA or MasterCard etc., the respective conditions always determine the issuing bank or the issuing company. Therefore, services and fees should be compared.

The different types of credit cards

The different types of credit cards

Since there are a large number of credit card variants on the market, it is good to differentiate them according to the different criteria. In addition to the standard cards, which are only used for the basic functions within cashless payment transactions, there are also the premium cards, which are equipped with numerous additional services. The customer must therefore be clear in advance which services his credit card should include. Because there are considerable differences in the type of billing. For example, some cardholders have the option of having a certain limit on their credit card for an unlimited period of time, while others have to adhere to a certain limit as with a credit card. Today’s cards such as the Charge Card also have an agreed limit, but the open amounts must be paid again as part of the monthly statement. With this billing method, the credit card owner has a loan of around 8 weeks.

In addition to these different types of billing, there is also the debit card. It only has a very limited credit card function, because both the settlement and the settlement of the open amount do not have to be done monthly as part of the monthly statement, but rather a few days after the disposition. It thus corresponds to the system of the EC or Maestro card. Customers who have a low credit rating therefore receive this card. Customers with no credit rating or students, low earners, housewives or the unemployed have to be satisfied with the prepaid credit card. Since the card does not have a credit card function, this card can only be used to access capital that is in the credit card account as credit. It is therefore no longer possible to overdraw an account using a credit card.

Regarding the services, the consumer should also ask himself whether he needs these diverse services and functions at all, because these also increase the annual fee to be paid accordingly. For example, card providers are now able to provide people who are abroad a lot with additional services such as travel health insurance, transport accident insurance, luggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance. Here consumers should pay particular attention to the special conditions. Because there are cards for which insurance cover is only available if you also use the card. Others automatically pay when you have a card. It can quickly happen that an insurance premium is not paid by card and the insurance coverage expires.

Discounts are also often given to rental car companies, if you also pay by card. Or the cards come from mail order companies, so that when they are used, a five percent discount is always granted. There are also cards with bonus programs such as an airline miles program. Depending on the number of points, the cardholder can exchange them again as services. If you have a credit card with a VIP function, you also get a ticket that you would not receive by normal ordering, for example because it is a sold-out event, but the credit card company still has a small special quota here.

Credit card security and fees

Credit card security and fees

Anyone who asks about the security of credit cards has to differentiate between the different possible uses. One way to use the credit card is to make cashless payments on the Internet. There is also the possibility of cashless payment in shops and the possibility of cash at the machine. When disposing of cash at the machine, you have to enter your personal PIN, the so-called PIN. If the ATM is misused, the cardholder’s own share is $ 100. In many shops, the PIN must be entered to pay for the goods with a credit card. Therefore, a certain level of security can also be assumed here.

Cash register systems, on the other hand, offer a greater risk of misuse, in which the customer signs on the receipt after entering his credit card. Here the system only records the card number, the expiry date and the check digit. But signatures can always be forged. But here, too, the cardholder is “off the hook”, because liability is solely borne by the business, since it is obliged to show the cardholder’s identity card. But in most cases this is precisely what is neglected. Those who make payments on the Internet are most at risk, because in many cases not even the credit card is required, but only the card details.

In addition to the costs, credit cards also incur fees. Here the bank – and not the credit card manufacturer – can freely decide which fees are to be charged for which services. It is therefore also worthwhile to find out about the various offers for credit cards. On the one hand, there is the annual fee to be paid, and fees are also charged for getting cash. There are also fees that may apply to cashless payments. The annual fee is independent of usage, so the amount is fixed. However, it depends on the scope of the services. Depending on the provider, amounts between 15 and 100 USD are incurred. In the case of cashless payment, usage-related fees apply. Almost no fees are charged today in Germany and in the dollarzone, only for foreign currencies on the Internet or at ATMs outside the dollarzone.


12 Mar

Best online loans – 90 offers comparison


How far is it worth assessing loan offers 

How far is it worth assessing loan offers 

Fine Bank users have access to a price comparison engine matching the offer to their individual financial and economic situation as well as to static rankings allowing assessment of a particular solution in a broader perspective. We also provide free support of our consultants ready to clarify any doubts. Thanks to loan comparators, you can save from several hundred to even several thousand zlotys. It all depends on the amount and type of commitment sought.

Are the presented loan parameters reliable?

Are the presented loan parameters reliable?

The parameters specified in the received ranking include the bank name, proper credit or loan name, total repayment amount, commission, Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) and the amount of the potential installment. For more information on the selected loan, click on the offer details. Data are obtained directly from financial institutions, and their current update means that the final price of the loan is as close as possible to the price presented in the comparison engine.

Why do loan parameters sometimes differ from the bank’s final offer?

Why do loan parameters sometimes differ from the bank

The data presented in the comparison engine and rankings may slightly differ from the parameters finally specified in the loan agreement. This situation results, among others the need for the customer to take advantage of additional insurance increasing the total cost of the loan (if the bank precisely informs about these costs, they are included in the offer description), the use of variable interest rate based on the reference rate or the length of the banking year, which depending on the financial institution is 360 or 365 days.

How long does the loan procedure take?

How long does the loan procedure take?

Waiting for a credit decision depends largely on the type of loan and the amount you want to borrow. The higher the amount of funding, the greater the bank’s risk, which translates into a more thorough and detailed assessment of the applicant’s creditworthiness. In the case of the least complex liabilities, such as cash and car loans, the contract can be signed within 10 minutes of submitting the application. In turn, the money will appear on the borrower’s account on the same or the next business day.

Why do loan parameters sometimes differ from the bank’s final offer?

Why do loan parameters sometimes differ from the bank

The data presented in the comparison engine and rankings may slightly differ from the parameters finally specified in the loan agreement. This situation results, among others the need for the customer to take advantage of additional insurance increasing the total cost of the loan (if the bank precisely informs about these costs, they are included in the offer description), the use of variable interest rate based on the reference rate or the length of the banking year, which depending on the financial institution is 360 or 365 days.

What is credit standing?

What is credit standing?

Creditworthiness determines the ability of the applicant for financing to repay the loan amount, understood as capital together with interest, on the dates agreed by the parties to the contract. To put it simply, the estimation of creditworthiness consists in reducing the applicant’s net income by the amount of fixed costs incurred by him. Account is taken of such aspects as the amount, sources and cyclicality of income generated, current financial burdens, household maintenance costs, previous credit history, type and amount of credit or additional collateral. For this reason, the comparison form includes, among others questions about the source and amount of income and housing status.

How to improve your credit standing?

How to improve your credit standing?

There are a number of ways to improve the borrower’s debt servicing capacity. It is good to ensure a positive credit history in advance at the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), settling current liabilities on time and even paying off completely unnecessary loans. It can be the liquidation of credit cards and overdrafts. A valuable way is also an additional borrower – preferably with high incomes and a good history in BIK or a guarantor who in case of problems will take over the burden of repayment. A positive impact on creditworthiness is also the readiness to use additional banking products (e.g. personal account, term deposit) or extension of the financing period. However, it should be remembered that the last two methods are further charges that can significantly affect the cost of the entire project.

What to look for before signing a loan agreement?

What to look for before signing a loan agreement?

Due to the fact that the final loan parameters may slightly differ from the parameters presented in the simulation, it is worth checking the interest rate, APRC, final loan amount, repayment rules, the need to use additional products or the option to withdraw from the contract before signing the contract. In the case of special offers, it is worth checking what the consequences are for failure to meet the terms of the promotion, and these may be completely unprofitable, e.g. an increase in the interest rate on the loan. In case of any doubts, we encourage you to use the help of our consultants.

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Replace loans with another loans

If you, as a Agree Bank customer, would like to replace your current loan, you must first clear it. In addition to a personal interview, you must also replace the installment loan. For example, if you have overdrawn your account, paid off your car, and paid a installment loan, you should carefully review your options. If you want to benefit from lower interest rates, you need to replace your loan. Learn more about prepay penalties for claims, when they are billable and when not, about special repayments.

Receive loans for loans to replace the settlement – despite bad or unfavorable credit.

Receive loans for loans to replace the settlement - despite bad or unfavorable credit scofa.

Important tips for problems with credit stripping. You intend to lend money because urgent needs such as vacation travel, mobile phones, cars or other necessary purchases are to be funded? But your disadvantage is that you have a bad Credit Bureau entry or a bad credit rating and only an irregular or low earnings from pension, salary, education allowance or unemployment benefits?

The following valuable advice and useful hints will help you get relatively cheap loans and not have to fall into expensive credit traps to make the loan repayment comparison. Relatives or friends for a certain amount of money for the “Credit Replacement Settlement” to please. Alone because of a Credit Bureau entry or bad creditworthiness, a loan request at the house bank is unnecessary.

With multiple options, a borrower can also get a loan with low credit and no Credit Bureau information. Predominantly, well-known credit brokers are employed who, despite their negative creditworthiness or lack of creditworthiness, obtain a loan in close cooperation with foreign banks. The intermediary will primarily advise you on finding a loan to the best of your ability.

It is also part of the remit of a competent credit institution to point out all the advantages and disadvantages of a financing offer and to assist you in preparing the documents for the financing application. Due to the close links maintained by numerous intermediaries to small and less well-known banks, we have very good prospects of achieving better conditions for the credit repayment comparison.

In the case of smaller credit institutions, the creditworthiness of an applicant is checked mainly by hand, so that the intermediary can for example understand a negative entrance into the control center. If you were to send such an application to an ordinary bank, this would not be possible with almost 100% certainty. Credit institutions providing their services via the network are like the beach on the lake.

Comparisons of loans

Comparisons of loans

These two financial intermediaries are the true experts, especially in questions such as the comparison of loans. First, an intermediary who is serious about the loan repayment comparison always acts in your interests. More and more people are receiving loans from foreign banks because they want to plan a longer holiday trip, work or simply have their own vehicle.

In addition to the traditional route to the corner bank, today’s consumers also have the network for taking out a loan tailored to their needs in the event of an outlier. This has the disadvantage that the guidelines for lending to credit institutions in Germany are not so strict. Therefore, a bad credit rating or a negative entry in the Credit Bureau does not weigh so much in the credit comparison.

As a rule, Swiss credit institutions grant loans that are brokered over the Internet. Especially these people have it relatively hard to get a loan in terms of credit. It is often problematic for a single person in a financially difficult situation to get a loan. Due to debt or bad creditworthiness, the financing opportunities are significantly reduced.

In such cases, the last possible option would be a Swiss bond. It is a bond issued by a Swiss financial institution. A negative Credit Bureau registration is not relevant to these institutions, as such an investigation is generally omitted, which considerably simplifies the search for loans. When it comes to credit stripping, this is a valuable asset.

Of course, you can not issue credit to Swiss financial institutions without a credit check and various income and securities certificates. If you are only concerned with a negative entry from Credit Bureau, but your creditworthiness is in line with the green, the Swiss Credit Replacement Comparison would be a real opportunity. In addition, the loan offer should be as variable as possible.

All of this must be a good financing option for the credit stripping comparison. Make sure, however, that your credit as a student, self-employed person, pensioner, employee, trainee or unemployed is nothing in the way: Basically, with regard to the topic of the credit comparison comparison, the necessary funds should be assessed from the outset as accurately as possible.

Therefore do not borrow more than necessary. It is better to compensate for the too tightly calculated needs through follow-up or additional financing. The top priority of a project is to assess the financial situation in a realistic manner and then calculate the loan amount. This ultimately does not apply to the topic of credit comparison.

This has the disadvantage that on the one hand it can be estimated where there is still potential for savings and on the other hand that the correct creditworthiness can be estimated relatively precisely. It is important to be correct, careful and honest with all information about your creditworthiness and your own financial condition – especially when it comes to reconciling loan repayments, and honest, careful and accurate with all the information about your financial condition and creditworthiness.

In this way, you get a serious picture of your economic situation. This will definitely increase your chances of getting an instant loan or an express loan. Show yourself as a reliable contractor by following the advice above if you are dealing with the loan itself and thus with the loan repayment comparison.